Buzz Telecom Good At Confusing Ancient People From Iowa

The Iowa Attorney General is warning people that they may have been fooled by an Indiana-based phone company.

Utility Consumer Advocate John Perkins says Buzz Telecom has been fooling Iowans into switching their phone service through a fast-paced and confusing sales pitch.

Perkins says the Buzz representatives target elderly people and will tell the people that they represent their local telephone company. Perkins says once Buzz switches your telephone service over to their service, then they add on extra charges.

Buzz is doing what industry people call “slamming” and “cramming.” Slamming is switching your long distance service without your consent. Cramming is putting unauthorized charges on your bill.

Attorney General Tom Miller says the amount of complaints in this case really sent out a warning signal.

A 150 complaints is a huge, huge number, let me tell ya,” Miller says, “that’s why we’re hear today as sort of a red flag for consumers to be looking at their bills, either from their regular carrier, or from Buzz Telecom.

Something messed up on your bill, Iowa? Call the Iowa Consumer Advocate at: 515-281-5984.—MEGHANN MARCO

A-G, Consumer Advocate say company “slamming, cramming” phone customers
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