Phishers Switch Brands: Coke and McDonald’s

Ad Age reports that phishing emails are using well-known brands such as Coke and McDonald’s to lure consumers into their web of scams.

    A November e-mail signed by a Hong Kong-based Coca-Cola sales and marketing manager promised a Mercedes-Benz ML Jeep convertible and a chance at $800,000 cash for entries submitted to a link in the e-mail.Another one in March from McDonald’s Corp. and JPMorgan Chase offered a 50% discount at McDonald’s over 10 days, followed by a 30% discount thereafter if recipients signed up at a JPMorgan Chase-branded promotional site.

Oh man, we totally want a Mercedes-Benz ML Jeep convertible! Does that come in Corvette Hummer Mazda-6? In all seriousness, watch out for this crap. The emails will usually mention some sort of sweepstakes and use familiar-looking logos that you may have come to trust. —MEGHANN MARCO

Phishers Switch Brand Bait to Coke and McDonald’s [Ad Age]


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  1. Speaking of hummers…

    It looks like AVIS has some hummers available.

  2. perfectly_cromulent says:

    I honestly do feel bad when this happens to innocent people…and while I feel bad, I also want to pull my hair out.
    The solution is simple: Do some research! Even a quick Google search can get you information on these types of scams.

    It’s like they said, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Better to play safe.

  3. Xkeeper says:

    In other news, despite every single (*#@ing web application coming with a big giant WARNING: THIS SITE IS KNOWN FOR STEALING YOUR IDENTIFICATION. DO NOT PUT IN YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER, YOU STUPID MORON on every page…

    …hundreds of people will get tricked anyway and everybody loses.

  4. People are stoopid.