Phishers Switch Brands: Coke and McDonald’s

Ad Age reports that phishing emails are using well-known brands such as Coke and McDonald’s to lure consumers into their web of scams.

    A November e-mail signed by a Hong Kong-based Coca-Cola sales and marketing manager promised a Mercedes-Benz ML Jeep convertible and a chance at $800,000 cash for entries submitted to a link in the e-mail.Another one in March from McDonald’s Corp. and JPMorgan Chase offered a 50% discount at McDonald’s over 10 days, followed by a 30% discount thereafter if recipients signed up at a JPMorgan Chase-branded promotional site.

Oh man, we totally want a Mercedes-Benz ML Jeep convertible! Does that come in Corvette Hummer Mazda-6? In all seriousness, watch out for this crap. The emails will usually mention some sort of sweepstakes and use familiar-looking logos that you may have come to trust. —MEGHANN MARCO

Phishers Switch Brand Bait to Coke and McDonald’s [Ad Age]