Meet The Douchebags Behind The Sony PSP Flog

We found the Myspace profiles for most of the the marketing douchebags who appear on the PSP flog, pretending that they are kids who want their parents to buy them a PSP for Christmas.

Take a good look because we bet five dollars the whole site is gone by the weekend. The videos were already yanked from YouTube.

Why are we posting their Myspace profiles? Because we hate liars. Also, as a warning: kids, don’t drop out of B-school or J-school. Get an English degree and learn how to tell compelling stories before you inflict another viral pile on the world.

    “Charlie”- Greg Meyerkord, Zipatoni employee. Wishes he budgeted $10 extra dollars for a private domain name registration. Greg hasn’t worked for Ziaptoni in six years. He is an innocent bystander in this sordid affair.

    • “Jeremy” – Real name: Jeremy. Plays guitars in AVEX. Fought with beard over who got to lead the band.

    • The Band: AVEX. Myspace page. Selling out is the hardest part.

    • Tomiwa – Myspace page. “Who I’d like to meet: the Creative Directors at Weiden and Kennedy.” Sorry kid, your recent availability notwithstanding, W&K is closed to hacks.

    • Jessie – Myspace page. “Who I’d like to meet: Ashton Kutcher.” He only dates cougars, and Demi is already with child.

Remember, “don’t just wear it – pwn it!!1!” — BEN POPKEN

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