Vista, Vista, Vista: Should You Upgrade?

Lifehacker has a Q&A with Microsoft that’s pretty interesting, as the questions were taken from Lifehacker readers. Of critical importance: Should you upgrade?

In short, MS simply wasn’t able to give me the Single Killer Reason you should move to Vista. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, however – in my opinion, the move is worth the whole package of improvements and new features. Vista builds in things I’ve come to expect to work at the operating system level – like search, photo management and calendaring. Sure, these are all things I can get with Google Desktop, Picasa and Google Calendar, but I’m happy to have that stuff without those extra, third-party apps taking up CPU and memory. Plus, I’m a sucker for a good-looking operating system, and Vista does look and feel a lot nicer than XP.

When we went to a Microsoft Vista press thingy, we came away with the same impression. For those of you who like XP, don’t despair, you’ll still have until 2011 before Microsoft stops supporting it. Also of interest to this blog was this question:

Which edition of Vista should the power user who doesn’t run a home business purchase?

“Vista Home Premium will include Media Center and Aero and seems to be the logical choice for home power users and media enthusiasts. Check out the Vista edition feature chart before you buy to see which edition is best for you.”

Mmmm. Technology.—MEGHANN MARCO

Q&A with Microsoft [Lifehacker]

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