Gift Giving Tip: Pretend Your Loved Ones Are Strangers

Apparently, we have trouble separating ourselves from our loved ones when it’s time to give gifts…and just get them whatever it is that we want. A recent study shows that people have a difficult time recognizing what their loved ones like, so much so that we’d be better off pretending we’re buying things for a stranger.
From CBS:

“Familiarity with another consumer is not particularly helpful when predicting the others’ product attitudes,” Lerouge and Warlop say. They find that even when our loved ones tell us what they like, we think we know better. The findings appear in the December issue of the Journal of Consumer Research.”

Awesome. This explains why we always get new floor mats and Turtlewax from our dad. —MEGHANN MARCO (Thanks, JP!)

Why Our Loved Ones Hate Our Gifts [CBS]

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