AVIS Gives Free iTunes With Rentals

Get free iTunes downloads every time you rent directly from AVIS. 1-4 days = 5 tracks, 5+ days = 10 tracks. More Than Points tells us how it’s done:

1. Register.

2. Reserve your car through Avis.com or through the Avis reservation center at 1.888.777.AVIS.

3. Receive an email containing your music download code(s) for the iTunes Music Store

just days after you complete your rental.

It’s an effort by AVIS to get customers to rent through their site rather than a 3rd party booking site (which can offer savings), but hey, maybe it’s worth the $4.95 or $9.90 to you. — BEN POPKEN

Rent on AVIS.com and get FREE Music [AVIS via More Than Points]


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  1. Triteon says:

    We try harder, you Zune m*therf*ckers!

  2. UncleBigHairyBear69 says:

    Actually it is a fact that the lowest rental price ia always at Avis.com. In fact, Budget — who is also owned by Avis — advertises a guarantee that you won’t be able to find a lower online price than what they offer on their site.