What Can A Black Man Get On Black Friday?

PINEVILLE, NC – Local hiphop morning show rips on Black Friday. Unfortunately our batteries died during the Black Santa skit, but it was pretty funny. They go on to say how Black Santa’s red coat doesn’t match his red jacket, he wears cowboy boots with zippers on the side, sports a dookie rope, a gold tooth, takes swigs from a brown paper bag, instead of asking what you want for Christmas, says, “Wachoo need? Wachoo need,” while you’re sitting on his lap he’s checking out your mom, etc. etc.

Can anyone identify this morning show? We’d like to try and find the rest of the Black Santa clip.

It distracted us while we downloaded our video from our camera, thought about how annoying it will be to cut together all our footage from inside Best Buy, and what crappy journalists we were. Then we remembered we were bloggers. That’s when the sun rose, filling the parking lot with a warm glow. — BEN POPKEN