Can You Skip Black Friday Lines By Going To The Customer Service Desk?

PINEVILLE, NC – A goodly number of people said that a great way to skip lines at Best Buy on Black Friday is go to the customer service desk.

We tested that out this morning.

How we fared, inside…

We took our 2 GB Compact Flash card over to the customer service desk. We stood in line behind a walrus-like man filling out a credit card application. Eventfully, the girl behind the counter looked at us. “Do you have a question,” she asked.

“No,” we said.
“Need a Best Buy credit card?”
“Nope, we replied.
“Waiting on him,” she asked, indicating the man ahead of us.
“Waiting on me?”
“Yes,” we said.
“What can I do for you?”
“Just want to pay for this.”
“You’re going to have to wait in line,” she said, pointing to the line at the cash registers wrapping around itself several times.
“Can’t I just pay for this?”
“You need to wait in line like everyone else.”
“Can you please just process this for me?”
“If I did that… you need to wait in line.”
“So you can’t process any transactions?”
“You need to wait in line.”
“So you’re saying you lack the ability to process transactions?”
“Yes… you need to wait in line.”

We waited in line. It only took a few minutes, really.

It looks like the ol’ take the item over to the customer service desk and skip the line trick doesn’t work. At least not in Pineville.