Can You Skip Black Friday Lines By Going To The Customer Service Desk?

PINEVILLE, NC – A goodly number of people said that a great way to skip lines at Best Buy on Black Friday is go to the customer service desk.

We tested that out this morning.

How we fared, inside…

We took our 2 GB Compact Flash card over to the customer service desk. We stood in line behind a walrus-like man filling out a credit card application. Eventfully, the girl behind the counter looked at us. “Do you have a question,” she asked.

“No,” we said.
“Need a Best Buy credit card?”
“Nope, we replied.
“Waiting on him,” she asked, indicating the man ahead of us.
“Waiting on me?”
“Yes,” we said.
“What can I do for you?”
“Just want to pay for this.”
“You’re going to have to wait in line,” she said, pointing to the line at the cash registers wrapping around itself several times.
“Can’t I just pay for this?”
“You need to wait in line like everyone else.”
“Can you please just process this for me?”
“If I did that… you need to wait in line.”
“So you can’t process any transactions?”
“You need to wait in line.”
“So you’re saying you lack the ability to process transactions?”
“Yes… you need to wait in line.”

We waited in line. It only took a few minutes, really.

It looks like the ol’ take the item over to the customer service desk and skip the line trick doesn’t work. At least not in Pineville.


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  1. I’m sure on any non-crazy-retail day that might work, but I doubt there will be any skipping the line for the next few weeks.

  2. That’s a bit strange.

    On Boxing Day (December 26th, the Canadian version of Black Friday), most Canadian retailers found an easy solution to this problem.

    There just isn’t any customer service on that day. The stores use the customer service desk and tills as extra checkouts to help deal with the insane lines. No refunds, price matches, exchanges, anything like that happens until the 27th or 28th depending on where you go.

    And this is common knowledge among about 90% of Canadians. Working in retail CS, I’d only get three or four people in a day come in on Boxing Day asking to do a return.

  3. Trae says:

    Well, the problem is that they need the Customer Service people to be able to do 10 different things, and if people can take purchases there… well… then that’s all they’ll end up doing on Black Friday.

    I’ve found the secret to really be to go to one of the Departments that has it’s own register – like Wireless, Car-Fi, and Appliances. The lines there are usually pretty short (of course, Stores sometimes set up different policies on Black Friday, so it depends on the location as to whether or not that will work)

  4. viriiman says:

    Best Buy is a tricky one. Their are a few registers scattered throughout the store, but it varies from store to store as to what the policy for ringing sales are.

    In mine, one year (in Home Theatre) we had no cash draw, and could only process sales where a delivery was involved. The next year, we had cash, but only one person could use the register and for the same type of sales.

  5. Jesse in Japan says:

    Ah, c’mon, skipping the lines removes half the fun of Black Friday.

  6. zombiesitcom says:

    My Target has a Starbucks inside of it. A supersecret way to avoid the checkout lines (especially with a small amount of items) is to take them to the Starbucks counter. They will totally check you out.

  7. AdminX says:

    Customer Service is always sub-par on black friday. They usually refuse to give out rainchecks, but you can come back in a day or two, and if you have the SKU, they can probably help you out.

  8. mustang says:

    I used to work at Chapters (a Barnes & Noble esc Canadian bookstore) and during the holiday rush we would regularly have line-ups that lasted 15 minutes or longer. Sometimes my managers would ask me to walk up and down the line of inpatient people assuring them the wait would be short (a bold faced lie) and offering them free (incredibly old) Hershey’s Kisses. Often times people would try and skip out of the line in an attempt to pay at the customer service desk. Although it was technically possible for a customer to pay at this station unless they were an old lady who looked like she was about to collapse under the wait of her purchases I always enjoyed to instead chose to send these people to the back of the line. I swear the looks of pure joy on the faces of the customers who were waiting civilly in line when I sent the impatient asshole to the back made working retail during high school bearable.

  9. medalian1 says:

    wait in line? I avoided all shopping this past friday because of the mad rush of idiots out there … no lines online.

  10. byteme3131 says:

    My question is..why are you even IN line? Come back tomorrow, pay the extra $2 you might have saved on Black Friday. The money you save now does not equal the long term effects of standing in line, throwing elbows, getting frustrated, fighting, or elevated stress levels. I’m telling you will come back to haunt you later in life. It isn’t worth the hassle.

  11. coraspartan says:

    Obviously the posters who comment on the insanity of going out and saving only $2 have never shopped on Black Friday. I shop every Black Friday with a friend and we save a ton of money. At Kohl’s alone I spent $275 and every item I bought was at least 50% off; some were 60% off. Therefore, I saved at least $275 at Kohl’s alone. Not to mention all the other stores I shopped at. So it is worth it if you’re planning on doing a lot of shopping! These people I saw standing in line with one item (like a Candyland game you can get at Target for $7 regular price) ARE nuts. That’s plain stupidity.