500 Person Line Outside Best Buy

PINEVILLE, NC – This is the approximately 500 person line just before Best Buy, Pineville opened its doors. It’s rather long.

Thanks to the magic of video technology, we’re able to speed it up. Plus everyone sounds like a munchkin. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. homerjay says:

    Now really…. I saw BB’s ad yesterday. There was NOTHING in there worth waiting all night in line for.

  2. KarenG says:

    Why did the theme song from Benny Hill run through my head while watching this video?

  3. Tzvi_Katowitz says:

    I go to this Best Buy all the time.

    Glad I didn’t go this morning.

    Nice so the local mob of people.

  4. BooM82 says:

    wow 500 hundred people. i would have just kept on driving past BB if i saw that.