HOWTO: Fry A Turkey

Obviously, it’s too late to thaw a fresh turkey in time for tomorrow. You can, however, snag one at the store and fry the sucker. Lifehacker says:

    “Looks like a pretty easy recipe, though it calls for one item you may not have: a turkey fryer (which is basically a giant cauldron for deep-frying the bird). Plan on about three minutes of cooking per pound of turkey–meaning even a 20-pounder will be done in just an hour (take that, ovens!).”

You may want to avoid using a gas fryer, as they pose a fire and burn risk. Consumer Reports Safety blog has turkey frying safety tips, natch, and they recommend the electric Turk N’ Surf (~$99) for both flavor and non-dieing.

We promise next year we’re going to do it down home style, like our father did on the homestead. We’ll trudge into the woods chop down a fresh turkey, as a family. — BEN POPKEN

How to fry a turkey [Instructables via Lifehacker]