HOWTO: Fry A Turkey

Obviously, it’s too late to thaw a fresh turkey in time for tomorrow. You can, however, snag one at the store and fry the sucker. Lifehacker says:

    “Looks like a pretty easy recipe, though it calls for one item you may not have: a turkey fryer (which is basically a giant cauldron for deep-frying the bird). Plan on about three minutes of cooking per pound of turkey–meaning even a 20-pounder will be done in just an hour (take that, ovens!).”

You may want to avoid using a gas fryer, as they pose a fire and burn risk. Consumer Reports Safety blog has turkey frying safety tips, natch, and they recommend the electric Turk N’ Surf (~$99) for both flavor and non-dieing.

We promise next year we’re going to do it down home style, like our father did on the homestead. We’ll trudge into the woods chop down a fresh turkey, as a family. — BEN POPKEN

How to fry a turkey [Instructables via Lifehacker]


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  1. Yozzie says:

    Yeah… dangerously delicious! Of course a gas-fired vessel full of boiling oil and poultry is dangerous. It’s a modern-day replacement for the thrill of the hunt for our store-bought Butterball generation.

  2. formergr says:

    And it’s not too late to defrost a frozen turkey for tomorrow! In a sink of cold water, allow 1/2 hour per lb, according to the directions on the back of my turkey…

  3. bambino says:

    We do this every year at our last tailgate. Truly delicious.

  4. Jon R. says:

    Don’t do it like the photo. If that bird were wet, it would be splattering hot oil onto everyone huddled around the cauldron. Take a look at Alton Brown’s ( instructions for safely frying a turkey.

  5. Kangarara says:

    Can someone explain to me why every single turkey fryer is oriented vertically like that? It’s gotta be less stable than a horizontally oriented one, no?

    I mean, given the horrific accidents that happen (or so I hear) when people try to do this, wouldn’t minimizing the tipping risk be a high priority?

  6. Drinker Nisti says:

    Deep-fried turkey: the only way to get Manly Men to cook Thanksgiving dinner…

  7. Jupiter Jones says:

    As formergr says, it is not too late to defrost a frozen turkey for tomorrow. The sink with cold water will do (although sinks are gross and one of the dirtiest places in any home and should be cleaned extremely thoroughly first), but I suggest brining the turkey at the same time. Soak the turkey in salt water and I guarantee you will end up with not only a defosted turkey by your thanksgiving, but also a moister, tastier bird. Check the intertubes for ratios of salt to water. It will seem like a lot of salt, but the turkey only ends up mildly salted but with lots more delicious moisture.

  8. non-meat-stick says:

    that plate looks delicious!

  9. humphrmi says:

    Besides not being too late to defrost a turkey, deep frying a frozen turkey is not a solution to an under-thawed bird. As bad as water and boiling oil are together, ice and boiling oil are much worse.

  10. Ookseer says:

    And make sure you film it, so that later I can watch your house burn down on YouTube.