Best Site For Auto Insurance Quotes

Kiplinger’s recommends InsWeb for a quick way to snag a bunch auto insurance quotes.

…provides instant quotes from up to six companies (the number varies by state), including big names such as AIG and Liberty Mutual, plus quotes by phone or e-mail from American Family, Nationwide and MetLife.

Free Money Finance notes one drawback, the site requires you to fork over your Social Security number, which is generally a bad idea. However, doing so allows the insurer to look up your driving record to give a more accurate quote.

Then again, you could always kick it old school and just pick up the dang phone and call around. — BEN POPKEN

The Best Site for Auto Insurance Quotes [Free Money Finance]


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  1. Solo says:

    Same whith any of the ‘online’ insurance: geiko, progresso, essurance. They won’t give you an approximate quote based on their lookup table (ex: 33, male, suburban, owns car, no accident last 5 years) oh, no. You need to disclose everything, from employment, ssn, to income, family status, ages of kids, average commute. Just for a quote, no obligation. That a lot to disclose just to know how much (or how little) to save.

    And onece they have your SSN, address and everything about your life, it never goes away. Credit cards offers will pour in, solicitations will spring out of thin air.

    All of it from a quote.

    No thanks.

  2. Slugicide says:

    Whoa. I don’t know about this site. I went through the process for my mother and it gave her one quote and said other sales agents would contact her.
    Not quite the list of quotes we’d expected.

  3. acambras says:

    I used Insweb about 6 months ago, based on the recommendation of Consumerist. I found it just as time consuming as calling around might have been. I did get a bunch of quotes over the next few days, but it didn’t seem to be any faster than if I’d picked up the phone or gone online to individual companies’ websites. And now I get mail from the companies that I didn’t go with.

    While I have gotten some good recommendations from Consumerist, I won’t bother with Insweb again.