Join Us On Wesabe

Wesabe is one of those crafty community-based web 2.0 sites that is both helpful and intuitive. Why is the Consumerist telling you about it? Because it’s about your money and how you spend it. According to Cory Doctorow (of BoingBoing, and who also sits on Wesabe’s Advisory Board):

“The service anonymizes your financial data and then compares it to others’ and figures out ways that you can save money right away, and worked into it is a bunch of community stuff for people who are figuring out how to spend smarter. It’s a little like Flickr for your money, or social Consumerist.”

Social Consumerist!? Cory, are we not social? Just because we don’t have a Katamari Demacy themed knitting circle doesn’t mean we’re not friendly. One of Wesabe’s features is the ability to create and set goals, for example:

• Buy A House
• Get A Macbook
• Pay Off Credit Cards

To prove we’re a social people, we’ve started our own Wesabe goal and tagged it “Consumerist.” Join us on Wesabe and add the goal “Be A Smarter Consumer.” Then we can share tips and tricks and be very web 2.0. Full disclosure, the site does require you to upload your financial data, but the privacy policy seems very fair and as far as risk/benefit Wesabe seems like a good deal. You should, however, make sure to read all the policies and make the decision for yourself.

Let’s see what we can do with Wesabe. Together. —MEGHANN MARCO

Wesabe [Official Website]
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