FYE Bait And Switches Wii Buyer, Gamer Calls For Boycott

In June, this gamer pre-ordered his Nintendo Wii from FYE.

When it came time to pick it up on November 19, FYE wanted to make him buy two additional games and a $25 gift card. These additional purchases, to the sum of $400, were not disclosed when filed the pre-order.

He complained to the manager who said, “you’re just one person, you won’t make a difference.”

Now the gamer made a YouTube video that’s catching buzz. The video calls for a boycott of FYE.

Last year Best Buy tried a similar sales strategy and got an attorney general investigation for their efforts. The AG forced Best Buy to rescind the tied deal and take purchases back from customers.

We’ll see just how much difference one disgruntled consumer can make. — BEN POPKEN

(Thanks to Ian!)