United Airlines Laughs At Traveller’s Plight

Wade’s world is not a happy one.

After difficulties with a connecting United Airlines flight, Wade had to recheck his bags. At the check-in counter, the e-ticket terminals thwarted him.

His attempts to get help using the e-ticketing terminals were met with indifference or laughter. When Wade asked one of the ticket agents who laughed at him what his name was, the agent said his name was, “Juice Box.”

Wade vows to never fly United again. His letter, inside.

    “My story begins as I stood at the Quantas Airlines ticket counter in Melbourne Australia, on Monday, November 13th. The ticketing agent could not find any information about a connecting flight I had from LAX to Carlsbad, Ca. She informed me that I would have to collect my bags and recheck them myself. I was ok with that, knowing that I had to go through customs anyway.

    Upon arrival at LAX, I collected my luggage, went through customs and immigration, and made my way from the international terminal to terminal 7, where the United ticket counters are located. When I reached the e-ticket kiosk, the text on the screen said that I could not check onto my flight and put me on standby. Apparently I had missed a 45-minute cutoff date. It was at this point things started to go bad.

    You see, at the United ticket counter, there are about 20 self check in terminals and 3 or 4 paper ticket agents and maybe one or two other United employees to help out on various things. The rest of the 20 or so people behind the counter are bag handlers with no authority, and barely a command of English.

    I reported to one these handlers that I had not received a boarding pass and was not able to check my bags for my continuing flight to Carlsbad. The handler went and got one of the United Floater agents. I explained my situation (admittedly I was becoming more angry as time pass, because of the sheer lack of customer support and the arrogance of the United staff) the lady behind the counter chastised me for not being there 2 hours before my flight. I told her that her attitude was unacceptable and asked to speak to a manager. She said she would get one, she left and never returned.

    Up until now the total time that had passed was about 30 minutes. I waited patiently for someone else to come along. Another baggage carrier came by, I explained my situation yet again and asked him to get one of the other floating agents that was a few counters down. I was upset, he could see that I was upset, but I was not rude or mean to him. I watched as he approached the agent, said something in his ear, pointed in my direction, and they both started laughing.

    I walked over to them and said that I would appreciate it if they would not laugh at my situation and just help me get the hell out of there. No help came. Finally, I walked over to one of the paper ticket agents, again explained my story. She had no sympathy for me and told me that I would have to wait in line. I explained to her that I had already been waiting for nearly 45 minutes for someone to help me, she still wouldn’t help me, but explained that I could get on another flight using the e-ticket terminals. Finally some useful information. So I got my new flight, and on my way to the gate, I stopped by the second agent (the one who laughed) and asked for his name, he told me it was Juice Box. His tag read J Sanchez. I asked what the J stood for, he told me that was all I needed.

    I have never had such shitty customer services from anyone before. For them to totally ignore me, laugh at my situation, and give me some smart ass answer when asked for a name was totally unacceptable. I did learn some things on this trip though, first and foremost is never to travel on United.”