Save the Planet; Save Money.

Energy Star appliances will save you enough money to warrant you purchasing them regardless of tax breaks, but hey, why not get some tax breaks?

There are lots of incentive programs out there… everything from rebates to tax cuts. You’ve just got to know where to look.

Meet DSIRE, the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency. Click on over there, find your state and see what’s available. You might be surprised to know that Alabama will pay for the entire cost of switching your home over to wood burning heat. I know! You were thinking of doing that ANYWAY!

Other offers are more reasonable, such as an electric heating rebate in Connecticut: $300 to $550/unit, depending on the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) and the system type you install. So get to work! — MEGHANN MARCO


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  1. thrillhouse says:

    Austin Energy has sizable rebates on solar panels and rain water collection systems. If only that one would catch on. Ya know, actually encourage conservation as opposed to giving bulk discounts on water and electrisity.

  2. Triteon says:

    I’m getting a $250 rebate from the State of Illinois for upgrading my windows from the original single-pane ones. (And will be eligible to get this again when I replace a different set of windows next year!) My contractor pointed this option out to me.

  3. In a lot of states, the solar energy rebates are so good that if you’re reroofing anyway, you can reroof with solar and the rebate makes the cost of solar comparable to the cost of regular roofing.

    Plus, all that free electricity after!