Contact CEOs Of Major Cellphone Companies

Inside, the phone number and mailing address for the CEOs of every major US cellphone carrier.

This info is handy if you’re trying to attain executive customer service. Like if you want your complaint letter read and handled by someone who graduated college.

This is not a way to become a penpals with these cellular CEOs. They will most likely never know you exist. Rather, this is a way to get in contact with these company’s executive customer service teams. (If you don’t know what that is, read this first).

Sexy contact info, inside!

For numbers that are corporate switchboards, simply and politely ask for the offices of Mr. So and so. Put on your best professionals business voice and you will go far.

Stanley T. Sigman – President, Chief Executive Officer
3051 Bienville Blvd
Ocean Springs, MS 39564
1-866-220-8446 – President’s Office

Ivan G. Seidenberg – Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
140 West St
New York, NY 10007
(212)-395-1000 – Corporate Switchboard

Robert P. Dotson – President, CEO, and Director
12920 SE 38th St.
Bellevue, WASHINGTON 98006
1-425-378-4000 – Corporate Switchboard

Gary D. Forsee – President, CEO, Director
2001 Edmund Halley Drive
Reston, VA 20191
1-877-875-7505 – Executive switchboard


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  1. kaycee says:

    I just obtained Robert Dotson’s e-mail address and fax number this morning (from a T-Mobile rep), and sent an e-mail this afternoon. It’s in reference to an unbelievably, consistently, problem-filled experience since signing up with T-Mobile June 30. It would take too long to even give the highlights here. The only time I can recall having a comparably-bad experience with a company is with AFLAC in 2005.

    Anyway, I hope I get some results from someone. And I hope the above posting doesn’t cause my e-mail to get lost in a flood of complaints!

  2. kaycee says:

    Well – if anyone is still reading this and interested, I was contacted this afternoon by a member of the executive customer service team. He cordially gave me enough credits to appease me (although I would still rather have had trouble-free service and received no credits). He also gave me his phone number and extension in the event that I have any further problems.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    That’s great!

  4. E-3_Airman says:

    This site is a sorely needed resource as most, if not all, companies of any size absolve themselves of any culpability, and use their more or less impotent “customer service” mediums to stave off the wronged consumer.

    I was deployed by the USAF to South America for counter-drug and anti-smuggling work back at the start of January. When I left, I was “assured” that it was “no problem” to suspend my service for the 4 months I would be gone, and that it would be reactivated and my billing would be resumed upon my return in early May. Naturally, this was done over the phone with their Customer Care Dept. and I paid my balance in full, pro-rated up to that very night. The next day prior to taking off for S. America, my phone service was no longer working and I thought all was fine.

    When I returned, one day later than I was told service would resume, I found that my phone was still not functioning. I went to the nearest T-mobile store and learned that not only had nothing, that I had been “assured”, happened, but that my account had been annotated as “Lost or stolen”, and a mystery $10 charge had cropped up after I left. Being a single guy, my mail was on hold until I returned so I never learned of the charge, it went unpaid for 3+ months and T-mobile decided to close my account and release my number to someone else, DESPITE the fact that there was a “NOTE” on my account that I was deployed until May 2007.

    Normally this would not be a big deal, except ever single military document, mortgage document, car loan document, and who knows what other paperwork, has that phone number listed on it. To make matters worse I do sidework for supplementary income and have that number listed only on small business cards which have been circulating for over 2 years. I often receive unexpected calls from folks who get my card and a good reference from a prior customer. Now I was going to lose a great deal of potential income. Each call is a potential $500 minimum, and upto $2000 depending on what they need done.

    I inform T-mobile that I need my original number back, which had only been reassigned since April 14th prior to my May 4th return, and they tell me they cannot do it. I have been with them, problem free, complaint free, since 2002, and this is how they thank me. They tell me they cannot “just disconnect someone’s number and re-issue a new number” to someone when that is exactly what they had done to me, without my consent or knowledge. Oh, and this was after they tried to force me to resign a new service commitment that had been completed since 2003, AND charge me reactivation fees, as well as the mystery $10 which had become $14 after late charges.


    This is the thanks I get for stopping 40 tons/$185million of cocaine from entering our country and our middle schools, high schools, and universities. If I didn’t know better, I’d almost say T-mobile must be employing coke-addicts bent on retribution.

    I think Mr. Dotson, or at least his assistants, would be interested in my little story, especially if it means all incoming airmen assigned to my Wing of 5500 regularly-deployed airmen are alerted to not use T-mobile as their cellular provider due to lack of deployment friendly customer care.

    This consumer is ready to bite back.

  5. flasprintcustomer says:

    I emailed Gary Forsee today and he emailed me back!!! Their account escalation department contacted me and resolved the issue. CUDOS to sprint!

  6. bostoneric says:

    anybody have AT&Ts info?

  7. rallymylifeaway says:

    I’d like to contact Mr. Dotson…but seeing how I’m a US Soldier in Korea, the time difference is a bit difficult to work with. Sofar I’ve been lied to, given the run around, lied to again, then turned over a collection agency. T-mobile is just as bad as Cingular. I’m about ready to swear off phones all together and just use smoke signals or morse code with flashlights. I’m looking up any type of email now though. I don’ thtink they like email…to many records of what they say means they can’t lie as easily. Wish me luck!

  8. ms. irritated says:

    k here is my problem with t-mobile. it all started when i got a line added to my account. 153.85 was the amount i paid to get this service. 4 days later they shut my phones off. i call up to customer care and they tell me they never received a payment in that amount i went back up to the t-mobile store that i had purchased my phone lines from. they call and tell them they have the receipt faxed it in the solution to the problem was fixed. or so i thought. i go out of town they turn my phone off again. they have done this about 9 times in the last 2 months. im not happy. this last time it says in the contract if t-mobile has screwed me and i feel i no longer want there services they will let me out of the contract no worry. that was a lie in itself. they are now telling me that i still owe them this money, which i faxed the receipt in 2 time. im tired of them cutting my phone off for some error they made. its not my fault that they cant keep up with their documents. and yet i have to suffer from it. long story short. they screwed me. now i cant get out of my contract with out paying that 200 dollar fee. im not happy. but i am happy with boost mobile. 50 dollars a month for unlimited everything web text walkie talkie and minutes. and when they say no hidden fees they mean it. instead of paying 180 dollars a month for 2 phones that have so called unlimited minutes and text and thats it they charge u for everything else. i get that for just 50 buck a month. now i just need to get out of the contract with t-mobile. and ill be a happy camper.
    for those of u thinkin about tring t-mobile i wouldnt if i were u. read my story again. BOOST MOBILE IS THE WAY TO GO! promise. T-MOBILE CAN SUCK IT after they time they have wasted for me. the money i have lost. not worth it.