Consumer Reports Hates Elmo Too

Consumer Reports has finally tested the “hottest toy” of the Christmas season the “extreme” T.M.X. Elmo…with hilarious results. It seems the Elmo is little more than “hard plastic covered by a thick fabric,” and it tends to scare younger children.

“The youngest children’s reactions ranged from disinterest to fear.” “Marc, 14 months, was interested in the toy at first, but lost interest quickly, opting instead to dig in the dirt. One-year-old Julia was scared of Elmo and cried whenever the toy was activated.”

Consumer Reports doesn’t think Elmo is worth it, and, frankly, neither do we. We suggest getting your little darling a cuddly stuffed version. It’s cheaper…and quieter.

Other Winners and Losers for the Holiday season include:

Lazer Tag Team Ops by Hasbro, New Super Mario Bros for Nintendo DS and DS Lite game systems, and Moon Sand Castle Set by Spin Master were winners with kids.

•Most kids just didn’t like: Cranium Giggle Gear: Mega Mask Kit, Lego SpongeBob and Plankton’s Adventure, Lego Mindstorms NXT, and HyperScan Game System with X-Men by Mattel.

Elmo is back. []
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  1. That’s okay, 1-year-old Julia, Elmo makes me cry too.

  2. nweaver says:

    Well, the Mindstorms NXT is NOT a kids toy.

    Its a serious piece of exploration hardware, suitable for hardcore teenage to geriatric CS/EE/ME nerds who want to build cool robots cheaply and powerfully.

  3. robdew says:

    CR really does not like commercial sites reposting their reports or parts of them.

  4. nweaver says:

    TS to CR, this is clearly a fair use abstract and links to public items on their web page.

  5. AcidReign says:

    …..It always cracks me up to watch what little kids decide to play with on their own. Chances are , in the stuffed animal category, it’s going to be a beanie baby or some freebie from a happy meal, rather than that $100 crappy robot thing.

  6. Jesse in Japan says:

    What about the Oozinator?