Plates Don’t Fit GE Triton Eterna Dishwasher

Michele is pissed. Her plates won’t fit into her GE Triton Eterna dishwasher.

“I am so frustrated I practically throw the dishes into it,” she writes.

She contacted GE. They seemed concerned and understanding. GE even sent her a new dishwasher rack, though it was the same size.

In recent phonecalls, GE told Michele that standard plate size is 8″.

Michele’s plates are 10″. Today she went to Bed Bath and Beyond and measured plates. Michele couldn’t find any 8″ plate. Most of the plates she found were just under 11″.

They say that a good way to control your weight is to use a smaller plate. Maybe GE is just trying to do its part to help America’s obesity epidemic.

If you don’t want GE’s help, avoid model # EDW2060F0155.


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  1. kerry says:

    I was recently looking at dishwashers and got terrified that the one I had my heart set on wouldn’t fit large plates, because when I tried to put a sample plate in it in the store I could see the plate touching the water spigot dealie mounted to the bottom of the top rack. After some inspection, though, I realized that the top rack could be raised or lowered, and that the floor model had the top rack at its lowest setting. Once I popped it up the plate fit with room to spare. It’s reasonable to assume that Michele has tried that, but just in case she hasn’t I thought I’d throw it out there.
    I still plan on bringing my biggest plate to the store with me before I go ahead and buy that dream dishwasher, though.

  2. mishakim says:

    it’s not just GE – we have a Bosch (high end, bought by the previous owner) and it can’t fit three of the four designs of bowl we have. It has one row of rods on the top rack that don’t fit anything we own. I don’t know how they design dishwasher racks, but it would be nice if they’d cooperate with the people that design dishes.

  3. Mike_ says:

    I have some 8-inch plates, but my “dinner” plates are 10-11 inches. It seems absurd that GE would build a dishwasher not capable of washing dishes, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Michele didn’t RTFM. Like Kerry said, try adjusting the shelf.

    A tip of the hat to GE for sending the replacement part. A wag of the finger to GE for suggesting the standard plate size is 8″, and for not being able to walk a customer through adjusting the shelf height (if this is the problem, that is).

  4. acutusnothus says:

    What? You mean GE doesn’t bring good things to living, bring good things to life? Well, shit my drawers and call me Jubel.

  5. Plasmafire says:

    How much you wanna bet they never actually went out to a dishware store, or any store for that matter and measured any dishes. This is definently one of those products that even they probably have never tried to actually use. Blame marketing, not the engineers, for it is marketing that tells the engineers what to do..

    All hail Dogbert.

  6. FLConsumer says:

    I’m suspecting it’s an RTFM case… I have a GE Triton XL dishwasher (GSD6200G) and my dinner plates are 11″, fit with an extra inch to go. The top racks on this dishwasher ARE NOT meant for plates, BUT the bottom one happily takes them. I can’t imagine ANY dishwasher not being able to handle this size plate. Even the European 18″ wide dishwashers I’ve used could handle it.

  7. AcidReign says:

    …..My Maytag Jetclean eq plus will take 12 inch plates on the bottom rack, and 8 inch ones on the top. It will also clean burnt-on, un-rinsed dishes. Finally, I can fit several 8.5 quart pots in it. It’s really spoiled me!

  8. Mike_ says:

    Normal people don’t bring dishes to the appliance store. Generally, it’s safe to assume your name-brand appliance can handle standard-size dishes unless labeled otherwise. Before GE runs tens of thousands of these down an assembly line, they’ve almost definitely put a few prototypes through some testing. This testing probably involved washing dishes.

    The more I think about it, the more I think this sounds like a case of some jerk not taking the time to familiarize herself with her new appliance before she started throwing dishes around her kitchen and complaining to The Consumerist. RTFM, lady.

    Someone point me to this product’s homepage on GE’s website. I looked, but I can’t find it. I was going to try to dig up the page in the Owner’s Manual that explains how to adjust the top shelf, but now I’m wondering if this particular model even exists.

  9. madderhatter says:

    I scanned over several GE Triton models on their website and here’s a couple of things they had in common.

    Giant Tub with Maximum Capacity Nylon Racking – Holds tall and oversized items; washes 16 place settings at once

    Four-Position Adjustable Upper Rack – Moves up, down and diagonally for maximum loading flexibility
    Funny though, when you search GE using Triton it comes back with dishwashers but when you use Eterna it comes back with all stoves.

  10. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Sounds like another fantastic product designed by a reclusive product engineer that doesn’t get out much.

    Engineer: Why would anybody want plates that are bigger than 8″ in diameter? I’ve calculated the ideal surface to area ratio of this laboratory dinner plate, and it’s 8″! Excuse me while I finish warming up my Swanson frozen dinner in the microwave.

    I’m an electronics technician by trade and I constantly have to deal with products that are designed by similar people. Quite often, the equipment won’t even perform simple common-sense functions because the designers had no communication with anyone who actually uses the product.

    Hey, GE…have your engineers talk to some real people who eat off dishes.

    My only splurge in the kitchen was a low-end no-frills Bosch dishwasher, and it’s worth every cent.

  11. FLConsumer says:

    There are Eterna dishwashers…. and they ALL can take up to 12″ plates from the various manuals I’ve found thus far. I’m no GE fan by any stretch of the imagination… but in this case, GE 1, complainer 0. I also have a Bosch at my other residence and can say that it’s well worth the money. Quiet, efficient, and gets the job done. When my GE finally goes, I’ll be replacing it with a Bosch.

  12. Regardless of whether she RTFM’d, it’s a little alarming that GE thinks 8″ is a standard dinner plate size. I don’t think you’ve been able to buy dinner plates that size from major manufacturers since the 60s. I mean, seriously. Even Corelle’s 60s plates are 10 inches.

    “Normal people don’t bring dishes to the appliance store.”

    Pfft. I took a dish AND a tape measure. (AND Consumer Reports, to the ire of the salesman.) I knew I was buying a dishwasher and I wasn’t going to pay for one that didn’t fit what I wanted it to fit!

    (Although my husband helpfully points out that I am not normal.)

  13. Mike_ says:

    Consumer Reports is not worth the paper it’s printed on.

    It’s a bit of a leap to say that just because one of GE’s 316,000 employees sucks at estimating lengths, the entire company thinks 8″ is the standard dinner plate size. I’m sure if you gave that CSR a plate and a ruler, he’d revise his remarks. There is nothing alarming about this. It’s a case of the CSR being human.

  14. jgajda1949 says:

    Again I say, when will they stop putting MEN in product and design on products and/or appliances that are mostly used by WOMEN!
    Look how long it took FORD to put women in product and design on the first mini-vans.

  15. Chad Cloman says:

    Measured my plates, which are your standard Corelle cheapies purchased at K-Mart. Small ones were 8½” and the large ones were slightly over 10″. I think someone at GE made a mistake.

  16. SpamFighterLoy says:

    What’s with this ‘bring’ stuff? For something this big, we do our first (model-elimination) shopping trip in a large department or at least multi-department store. That way, you can walk over to the kitchen section, grab a plate off the display and try it.

    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve carried tape measures half-way across Home Depot / Sears / Wal-mart and back :)

  17. Ran Kailie says:

    To me this sounds like the top shelf of the Dishwasher should hold the 8″ plates.

    Like the other people above have mentioned, her top shelf probably has an adjustment up and down. I can’t even imagine how small a dishwasher needs to be to not fit a 10 ” plate. I mean most of my pots and baking sheets wouldn’t fit in that.

    Eyeballing it at the store would tell me that. Definitely sounds like she’s trying to put her humongous plates on that top rack.