Plates Don’t Fit GE Triton Eterna Dishwasher

Michele is pissed. Her plates won’t fit into her GE Triton Eterna dishwasher.

“I am so frustrated I practically throw the dishes into it,” she writes.

She contacted GE. They seemed concerned and understanding. GE even sent her a new dishwasher rack, though it was the same size.

In recent phonecalls, GE told Michele that standard plate size is 8″.

Michele’s plates are 10″. Today she went to Bed Bath and Beyond and measured plates. Michele couldn’t find any 8″ plate. Most of the plates she found were just under 11″.

They say that a good way to control your weight is to use a smaller plate. Maybe GE is just trying to do its part to help America’s obesity epidemic.

If you don’t want GE’s help, avoid model # EDW2060F0155.

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