Avoid the Biggest Web Shopping Annoyances

PCWorld today posted an article on circumnavigating hassles while shopping online.

• “Short technology-product cycles may be a fact of life, but some retailers aggravate the problem by knowingly foisting older gear on customers–or at the very least, by not making clear to buyers whether the items in stock are nearing obsolescence.” This is a good point. Make sure you don’t buy a new iPod two weeks before the next model comes out. No, we never did that. (Yes, we fucking did.)

• Watch out for bogus reviews. “The problem of bogus reviews has arisen even at well-known sites such as Amazon.com.” Oh, so true.

• Complain to the Better Business Bureau if something goes horribly wrong. “The good news: Amazon usually issues a refund to consumers who complain to the BBB about shipping delays.”

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