’s Packaging Sucks!

Jerry writes in with a photo of the totally fucked up book he received from He realizes that it’s the USPS’s fault for messing up the book… but is wondering if’s packaging needs to be quite as flimsy as it is.

A big of googling shows other customers experiencing Jerry’s same problem. needs to shape up their shipping!

Jerry’s email inside.

Jerry writes:

    “I ordered a book from and received it the other day. The packaging it came in was very thin and was beaten up pretty badly. I know that USPS is also at fault for poor handling but the packaging should have been better. The book’s cover had a little tear in it. I emailed with some pictures of it yesterday but haven’t heard back from them. I did some googling and saw some other people had problems with damaged books/dvds because of poor packaging. I’m just wondering if any other readers of Consumerist had similar experiences with their packaging and how their customer service is.”

Also, Jerry needs to shape up his spine. If you haven’t heard back from an email, call. Getting customer service is all about the three E’s: escalation, escalation, escalation.


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  1. ohnothimagain says:

    Buy your books at a bookstore, or from a real bookseller on line, jerk.

  2. steinwaytony says:

    Can’t you just keep a list of online retailers that do things right 100% of the time? It seems that that would be easier instead of posting complaint after groundless complaint. But then you’d be out of a “job.”’s packaging is just fine. Twenty bucks Jerry elected for free shipping.

    You get what you pay for.

  3. jerizm says:

    Actually, I ordered a mouse along with the book. Shipping came out to $11.43 but the two items were shipped separately. The mouse came just fine in a nice package. I would expect the same for the book.

  4. timmus says:

    Where’s the photo of the packaging?

  5. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    I shop on a regular basis, and I’ve never had a problem with the packaging. I’m also a cheapskate, and I get free shipping if possible, because even thought they say 7-9 days for free shipping, the item usually comes in 3 days anyway. UPS probably ran over it with forktruck.

  6. dissolution says:

    I bought an SD card from the Canadian I expected it to come in a small padded cardboard envelope or something. Instead it came in a big box with a bunch of those air packets… so I actually was of the opinion that their packaging was a bit excessive.

  7. jerizm says:

    I got a response from They sent me a RMA # and a prepaid UPS label to send it back. Hopefully when they send me the replacement they’ll use better packaging!

    Here’s a picture of the packaging.

  8. DTWD says:

    I bought an MP3 player from them the other day and it came in a box with packaging paper. I got the free shipping and the Google checkout discount.

  9. West says:

    I used to work for a book warehouse in Roseburg Oregon. We shipped for, Amazon, Borders, B&N and a whole bunch of smaller online book sellers you’ve probably never heard of. Let me tell you something. The only difference as far as we were concerned was whose name was on the box that we shipped.

  10. Solo says:

    Crap happens. Especially when something is shipped across the country.

    I personally can’t stand the poor layout, difficult navigation and circa 1995 html design of but it’s probably me. I’m sure is reputable, at least reputable enough to replace the item free of charge.