Yes, My Skull Candle Melted

Amy, who had a dangerous soot spread through her house after a candleholder melted, has a few responses to reader comments.

    “First of all, I didn’t knowingly leave the house with the candle lit. I forgot. My son’s school is less than a 1/4 mile from my house, and Shaw’s is about 1 mile. It was a quick trip.

    Secondly, the fire department, Fire Marshal, and Insurance company (and Adjuster) all know I left my house. It is still deemed an accident and Insurance is still going to compensate.

    Luckily, our house has 2 levels and the second (lower) level was closed off and is practically soot-free, enabling us to continue to safely stay here while the repairs are being performed.

    Finally, it was not dim-witted of me to mistake the candleholder for glass. The candleholder is glass-like enough that we all considered it a glass product until the fire occurred.”

Her second comment is the reason why we posted the letter. The ferocity of the comments is why we love ya, but we think there could be a little less eating of our own. It’s easier to pee in someone’s shoes than walk in ’em.

Amy now has a login and is posting under bartamy in the comments. Say hi.

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