Holiday Shopping Secrets

• Shop at 6pm the day BEFORE the big sale and beat the crowds. A retail industry honcho says the discounts are often put in the day prior.
• Hesitation is good. When shopping online, before you click buy, look for promotion codes. Try searching for the product name and merchant name at or
• Befriend the store staff. Ask with your best bambi eyes if there’s any unadvertised coupons or sales going on that week.

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  1. TedSez says:

    Hey guys, it’s “”

  2. EarhornJones says:

    Um, shouldn’t that be appears to be a domain squatter. No deals to be had there.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Whoops. Fixed.

  4. adamondi says:

    Another good online coupon code site is

    I go there a bunch before buying anything at a big internet retailer. They almost always have a decent coupon code that will cover at least the cost of shipping and maybe tax, too, when the place expects me to pay it.

  5. I was at some store, either Bed Bath & Beyond or Linen & Things type joint, getting a wedding present when my girlfriend up and asked the girl behind the register if they had any coupons. Much to my surprise the girl said “Sure” and pulled up a book that was chained (roped, I guess) to the register with a whole bunch of coupon codes. It was awesome, 20% off just for asking… quality stuff!

  6. FMF says:

    Ben — Thanks for noticing my post! ;-)


    1. I would guess that it was BBB — they give out 20% off coupons like candy.

    2. Shouldn’t “girlfriend” be “fiancee”? You’ll get into trouble if she reads this!!!!

    3. She’s certainly got you trained already — you’re in BBB and L&T so much it’s all becoming a blur.

  7. She was technically my girlfriend at the time… and BBB/L&T are strictly for wedding purchases only, can’t beat that 20% coupon. Quit stalking me FMF, go get a job. :)

  8. Sephira says:

    If you’re an online shopper, is another great place for those “secret codes” you always wish you knew when you went to checkout.

    Also, my (maybe yours too) local BB&B accepts the expired 20% off coupons. And if you ask nicely, they’ll give it back to you to use again.

  9. etinterrapax says:

    Even just googling “(store name) promo” usually horks up a few codes. I never pay full price at The Children’s Place, and their deals apply to sale items also. $10 off $30 last time. But you can buy an awful lot of infant clothes for $30.

    Am I the only one who never shops Black Friday, sales or no sales? I know someone whose mom is always there at 5 AM the day after Thanksgiving, for all the electronics and small appliances and clothing and stuff I think–I know it’s anathema–makes absolutely crap Christmas gifts. I just hate crowds. And I feel like the stuff that goes on sale has nothing much to do with the people for whom I actually buy. It’s just generic “This blender makes a Great Gift (TM)!” merch. The day hasn’t yet come when I thought a blender from Target made a great Christmas gift for anyone I know. And I say this as a woman who was happy to receive an All Clad saucepan last year. From her husband, no less.

  10. michwood73 says:

    Interesting, I found and from a article on MSNBC here:

    Another site they talked about in the article that I have been using as well on Christmas shopping is:

    These online coupons made this Santa very happy this year!