Save A Wet Cellphone

There was a time when the best place to charge our cellphone was near an open window in our apartment. One day, it stopped working and we took it into the Verizon store to get it fixed. The first thing they did was open up the battery case. On top of the Verizon LG phone battery was a small dot, normally white, that changes color when the battery has been exposed to water. As such, they phone was no longer covered under warranty and we ended up signing a new contract just so we didn’t have to pay full retail for their phone. We wished that instead we had known about these neat tips (again, at WikiHow) on saving your wet cell phone.

The best way to dry out your phone is to place it in front of an air conditioner or air conditioning vent… cold air is better than heat for two reasons: it won’t damage your phone (heat melts plastic) & cold air is dry (hot air contains moisture).

Their advice on placing a piece of tape over the aforementioned water damage sticker is apt as well.

How to Save a Wet Cell Phone” [WikiHow]