New Ways To Escape Your Cellphone Contract

Spotted some good tips on getting out of your cellphone contract, without paying a penalty fee, over at Wiki-How. Most of them we’ve posted already but here’s some new kids on the block.

Suck a lemon. Due to local lemon laws (which vary by area, so check first), switch to using a phone with known problems. Complain 3 times and poof! You have the legal basis for contract cancellation.
Check the TOS. Keep a watch on any piece of correspondence for changes to the Terms of Service. If the cellphone company ever changes them, it voids the previous contract and you have 30 days to cancel.

More at Wiki-How.

The other ways?

Join the army.
“Move” to Cambodia.
Over-use roaming.
Sell your plan to a stranger.
Cut back your plan.


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  1. chemman says:

    One way to get out of a Cingular contract is to use your phone in roaming areas. Cingular states you get free unlimited roaming, but if more than 40% of your anytime minutes area used in roaming networks for a three month period they will drop you as a customer. I have been trying to get out of my contract for the last few months because the service in my area is horrible so whenever I am in a roaming area (quite a few in my area) I make sure and place lots of calls. I’m on my third month now so I’m hoping to get the call soon!!!