Red Cross Wants You To Open Your Veins In The Supermarket

Taking a cue from the Australian Sperm Bank Association’s successful 2003 ad campaign, we proudly present this Red Cross advertisement from the Land Down Under. They want to suck your blood!


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  1. Anonymously says:

    Great news for Goth Chicks everywhere, you can now evacuate blood from your body for free…oh wait…you could always do that. Damn I’m such an idiot….someone hand me a razor blade.

  2. k4_pacific says:

    This reminds me of an old Mad Magazine cartoon that showed a hospital, and in the background in one panel was a food-drive looking barrel full of hearts, lungs, etc. with a sign on it that said “Donate Your Organs”.

  3. drsmith says:

    Ok – Am I the only one wondering what the ad was for the sperm bank?

    Sorry if that’s in bad taste, but the way it’s worded, I simply can’t be the only person left wondering.

  4. You’re not, drsmith.