GameStop: One Playstation 3 Per Surname

When we posted the news that EB Games had condoned their employees to buy up all of their store’s allotment of PS3 orders, some of you called foul, claiming this wasn’t corporate policy. Fair enough, though the guys at Kotaku tell us they’ve gotten numerous emails from managers, saying it absolutely is official policy. But, hell, you can always buy your PS3 at Gamespot, right?

Well, not really. They sold out within minutes. But even if you are lucky enough to be in line to get one? You’d better pray no one in line shares your last name.

For example, consider this: Gamestop has limited PS3 preorders to one per household. Hey, that’s fair enough: you don’t want one guy buying all of them. But by household, they mean anyone in your family… and they certainly don’t care if you all live in different houses, with your own families, spaced out miles away.

Bad news for John Smith of Big City, USA.

GameStop, where PS3 fans get the Shaft [Site] (Thanks, Jeff!)


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  1. zibby says:

    Finally, a scenario where my unusual last name could have been an advantage and I don’t even want a PS3.

  2. juri squared says:

    (disclosure: I will most likely also work at GameStop this holiday season)

    I called up my local store manager/friend about this and here’s what I got:

    Firstly, GameStop (I’m assuming you mean GameStop and not GameSpot, which is a CNET site) and EB Games are the same company. District managers handle both EB and GameStop. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that you’ll get different policies at the two stores.

    Also, it is one per household. The person in question should not have had that problem; he should call the district manager for that store and complain, although I’m betting that by this time he’s SOL.

    Store Manager Friend also told me that people encountering problems with employees snapping up all the PS3s should also call the district manager, because that is a fireable offense.

    Of course, this is all in a perfect world. I don’t doubt all this happened. There are too few good store managers and too many of the incompetent or lazy sort – just like anywhere you go in retail.

  3. juri squared says:

    Of course, if I’d bothered to read the whole article, I’d realize that the original poster DID call the district manager. Mea culpa.

    I sincerely hope that he does get an answer from the regional manager. He’s definitely in the right.