A Very Special Morning Deal: Woot! Off!

You know, when there’s a Woot! Off, that really deserves its own post. And there is. Right now!

For those who aren’t aware of the wonderful consumer euphoria of a Woot! Off, it’s simple: go to Woot! Right now, there’s a Logitech Cordless Headset for the Xbox at $5.99, an absurdly good deal. But maybe you don’t have an Xbox. So click refresh in ten minutes and some equally absurdly good deal will replace it as soon as Woot! sells out. Shipping is always 5 bucks.

In short, some people waste entire days clicking refresh on a Woot! off. The scope, number and array of deals that will come up over the next 18 hours will leave even the most slattern-faced consumer weak at the knees and turn their genitals into tingling jelly.

Go! Go! Woot! Off!

Woot! [GO!]

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