Google Checkout Promises To Be Less Evil Than Paypal

Unlike Paypal, Google Checkout promises to not suddenly freeze your bank account.

This is helped by, in part, that Google Checkout is tied to your credit card and not your bank account.

Even then, Google Checkout will not freeze your credit card. Worse-case scenario, in the event of fraud or suspicion of, they will stop processing transactions at your request.

What Google should really do is make service called Google VC, tied to Google Checkout. That way you can conduct secure transactions when you want to easily acquire Silicon Valley flipmeats over teh internets.

Google Checkout says they’ll be Less Evil than PayPal” [*The *Transcendental *Wildcard]


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  1. joehowe64 says:

    There is no way that Google could be as evil as PayPal.

    I had a problem once, and they wouldn’t talk to me as I couldn’t confirm my identity.

    I gave them all the info, but the PayPal system automaticly puts a 1 in front of alien (Canadian) phone numbers. Because I wasn’t stating the 1 they wouldn’t talk to me.

    Finally a CSR took pity and said “You know when you dial long distance, you have to put a 1 in front of it”

    I will spit on PayPal’s grave when Google buries it!

  2. edgesmash says:

    The information provided by the Google team appears to have come from an off-shore customer support team (I suspect this because I see our off-shore team respond with very similar emails, especially the opening lines). If that’s the case, then the guys are just reading from a script, and the cause for concern about whether Google will abide by all this is certainly reasonable.

    The use of credit cards is interesting; I wonder how they will prevent fraud?

  3. mfergel says:

    Unfortunately, ebay doesn’t allow the use of Google Checkout as a payment method….gee…..I wonder why.

  4. Xkeeper says:

    Obviously not because eBay owns PayPal, right?

    Well, I suppose they could — unless they ban you from saying “Payment will be arranged using Google Checkout, please e-mail sender”…