Breaking! IDT Energy Scammers Working On Brookylyn RIGHT NOW

A reader reports IDT Energy is knocking on doors right now (7:45 PM, Monday, Oct 9th) in Brooklyn, around 3rd and Bergen.

They pretend to work for Con Edison but are actually hardball sales people for IDT, trying to get you locked into one of their variable rate energy plans.

Look out for a man and an African-American woman sporting a ConEd binder and an IDT photo ID.

“They said I had to sign something and was being overcharged by ConEdison,” says our tipster, “and claimed to work for the company that supplies ConEdison. Good thing I read Consumerist.”

Our reader is going around putting up warning notes on his neighbor’s doors. He says, “I feel bad for my Hispanic neighbors.”

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  1. Chongo says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s illegal (in Chicago at least) to gain access to an apartment building and then solicit door to door. Call the cops!

  2. Gari N. Corp says:

    I have a colleague a little further east of this location (just on Prospect Park), who has already signed up for IDT. He seems quite happy with it, although I should stress he’s an idiot.

  3. dustboo says:


  4. BeeBop says:

    I’ve been with IDT for nearly a year and am very happy. They aren’t a scam at all! Saved me some$$ on my utility bills.

  5. yso says:

    Just knocked on my door in brooklyn (12/17). Told them they are a scam and not to come back.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I must have had a IDT worker come by at 9:30pm last week. They claimed they were from Con Ed and they were working on all the houses on my block. I yelled from my top window “Do you realize the time it like 9:30!”. I told them to go away and if they were the real deal to come at an actual hour where half my family wasn’t sleeping. Now that I know they are scamming around I’m glad I trusted my gut by not going down to see them.