God Works In Mysterious Car Accidents

Did you know that if a guy has a stroke while driving and barrels into four other cars, and no one knows he had a tumor beforehand, it’s considered an Act of God?

And therefore Progressive insurance won’t pay for the other car’s damage?

We didn’t either, until we read ACurmudgeon’s letter, inside.

Good thing the guy’s health insurance has a different definition for holy works.

    “I was involved in an auto accident recently

    Another driver coming in the opposite direction had a stroke while driving.

    Instead of turning, he ran full speed into the other lanes of traffic. Thankfully, nobody was hurt and the driver with the stroke seemed like he will live.

    The stroke victim plowed into a big work van that was pushed back into our car. The damage is major, the entire back passenger door is crushed.

    The problem starts when, after a week of waiting, the police report is ready. Seem like a no-brainer to me, guy has stroke, hits cars and has insurance…

    Apparently since the driver did not have a pre-existing condition and did not know he had a tumor, Progressive does not have to pay for any of the 4 other cars involved in an accident. This apparently called an “Act of God”. They don’t pay for those.

    What can the insurance companies use [Act of God] for? What qualifies?”