ANOTHER Comcast Tech Asleep On The Job

UPDATE: And here’s the picture to prove it.

Sleepy Comcast Guy has a brother in Detroit.

    “A Garden City family is questioning Comcast cable after the family said they found one of the company’s workers asleep on the job twice.

    Misty Maironi said the worker went downstairs to work on her cable. She said he was gone for an hour so she sent her son down to see what he was doing.

    The son returned with a picture from his camera phone of the worker asleep on his bed.

    Chris Maironis woke up the man. Maironis said the man then proceeded to lay there and fall asleep again.”

Comcast has since fired the tech and fixed the Maironi’s cable.

At least in the infamous case before, it was really hot and the tech was on hold. Here there’s no excuse and the truth has become inescapable. Installing cable is really boring.

Comcast Cable Worker Falls Asleep On The Job” [WDIV] (Thanks to George!)


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  1. RumorsDaily says:

    It wasn’t especially hot last time.

    Anybody seen the photo?

  2. Is Misty Maironi her real name or is that a pseudonym to protect her identity from Comcast?

  3. Piccy goodness on the main website:

    Who knows how long it’ll stay there, I’ll do a screengrab.

  4. svarki says:

    Comcast service leaves a lot to be desired. After being a client for a number of years, 2 days ago I signed up to their internet phone service. Ever since they installed the service, my email has not worked. It seems they deleted my email account in their great wisdom. I must have called them a dozen times and have received every possible run around. “It must be outlook fault, so contact microsoft.”; “We have to contact some special admin group who will ge back to you shortly”. But I never hear from them. Atlast a technican at Comcast said that this is a common mess up, when they upgrade users.