Get A Sweet Xbox360 Bundle This Weekend

UPDATE: The deal could be ready as early as Thursday or Friday, according to a reader who spoke with a different Fry’s Outpost rep.

Fry’s Outpost is out of the Xbox360 bundles we posted about in the Morning Deals, but fear not!

If you missed the package, which contained a XBOX 360 Premium Console, Saint’s Row, Dead Rising, Test Drive Unlimited for only $359.96 (a $200 savings)….

Starting this Saturday at 5am Eastern Pacfic Time, Fry’s Outpost will have the same bundle, or even better, available for purchase. The Fry’s rep we talked to said it’s part of their big anniversary sale.

Set the alarm for crack o dawn and keep your eyes peeled on Fry’s Outpost or call 1-877-OUTPOST.


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  1. Quazie says:

    I spoke to a rep and he said thursday or friday… but I you likely were able to get more exact information that I was.

    Thanks Consumerist for being so awesome.

  2. jwissick says:

    Anyone who buys something from Fry’s needs to beware. They have lousy customer service and usualy sell repackaged products if you are not careful. I dunno about their online service, but I avoid Frys like the plague.

  3. Dino says:

    Fry’s has always given me excellent customer service…and they dont try to sell you repackaged items, unless you want to, to save some extra money due to them being discounted…and you’d have to be really stupid to be “tricked” into buying one, as they all have a big sticker slapped on the front of them with neon color outlining stating that its a returned and repackaged item.

  4. h0mi says:

    Repackaged Fry’s goods are labeled as such; I’ve never seen anything for sale there that was already opened & wasn’t labeled as open box. I’ve never had grief returning items to Frys, regardless of whether it was purchased elsewhere or not (as long as they sell the item in question). I wouldn’t resort to their drones for assistance, other than in pointing out where something can be found.

  5. h0mi says:

    I’ve never had issues with returning items to Frys, even when it wasn’t something bought there (but something they sell). As for repackaged items, I’ve never encountered them reselling something that was opened without being labelled prominently.

    As far as the drones, they’re probably no better than the Best Buy ones.

  6. DurnenMR says:

    I tried purchasing the bundle online. Checkout was successful and it seemed as if the deal was going to go through as planned. However, two days after placing the order Customer Service informed me that it was a “clerical error” and that my order was cancelled. Does anyone have any sort of proof that a Representative made an announcement about this? If a rep of Outpost announced the “deal” then it would have to be legit.

  7. DurnenMR says:

    They told me that the deal was a “clerical error” and cancelled two days after I placed the order. You wouldn’t possibly know the name of the Fry’s Rep you spoke with would you? I got a feeling they’re screwing me over on this one.

  8. dmorris68 says:

    The deal is up for $450 for just the Premium + those same 3 games. Which is still a good deal IF you want those 3 games. But I could have sworn the deal I saw the other day was for the Premium + 2nd Wireless Controller + 2 games, which I would rather have than this deal. Maybe I saw that elsewhere, but I’m going to keep looking and pass this one up I think.

  9. Rinserepeat says:

    The deal is back, but it isn’t nearly as convincing of an argument as the original one was.

    Same games, $90 more…Still a good deal, overall: