Yay For Scrubbing Bubbles!

The Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner is supposed to be your special shower friend. You hang it in the shower, press a button and it spreads cleansing fluids all around, getting rid of and keeping away mildew and grime.

But MissDona says hers, “randomly sprays and shuts off.”

She was worried about her chances of getting a replacement. It was a gift and she doesn’t have the box or receipt. Maybe it could be swapped under warranty?

“I placed a quick call to SC Johnson customer service,” writes MissDona. “A 1-step voice prompt led to a very pleasant rep named Amanda. After explaining my issue, Amanda offered to replace my unit with a new starter kit. No holding, checking, “let me see”-ing. Just replacing.”

MissDona adds, “All companies should have Customer Relations like SC Johnson.”

It’s good to know that even though National Customer Service Week is over, good customer service isn’t. Let’s just hope this one doesn’t have problems either.

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