Yay For Scrubbing Bubbles!

The Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner is supposed to be your special shower friend. You hang it in the shower, press a button and it spreads cleansing fluids all around, getting rid of and keeping away mildew and grime.

But MissDona says hers, “randomly sprays and shuts off.”

She was worried about her chances of getting a replacement. It was a gift and she doesn’t have the box or receipt. Maybe it could be swapped under warranty?

“I placed a quick call to SC Johnson customer service,” writes MissDona. “A 1-step voice prompt led to a very pleasant rep named Amanda. After explaining my issue, Amanda offered to replace my unit with a new starter kit. No holding, checking, “let me see”-ing. Just replacing.”

MissDona adds, “All companies should have Customer Relations like SC Johnson.”

It’s good to know that even though National Customer Service Week is over, good customer service isn’t. Let’s just hope this one doesn’t have problems either.


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  1. Ishmael says:

    Good job, SC! Too bad not everyone can act this way.

    Can someone explain to me the idea behind National Customer Service Week? If it did what it was supposed to, we wouldn’t need the special week or this blog.

  2. Kornkob says:

    Incidentally, this month’s consumer reports had a short article about this thing. CR sent it home with some people and they found that it didn’t really keep the shower clean. CR didn’t publish all the images but the participants took pictures every day.

  3. DeeJayQueue says:

    I’ve had pretty good luck calling companies that sell mostly things under $5 for replacements. I know this thing costs more than that but SCJ makes a lot of money selling cleaners and stuff.

  4. missdona says:

    I liked it when it worked. It kept the soap scum down in my shower.

  5. SteveFromYellowstone says:

    SC Johnson used to be one of my clients back in my audit days up in Wisconsin. Its consistently ranked as one of the best places to work, and they really treat their employees well. They’re all pleasant to work with (which is not the norm when auditing). Granted not all customer service calls go this smoothly, but this appears reasonable based on my experiences with them.

  6. A friend of mine took a job as a professional chef, for their office here in Denver. They do seem to create a positiv work environment.

  7. homerjay says:

    SC Johnson… A family company.

    I was really thinking of getting one of these. Its not so much the shower that gets dingy but the curtain. Does anyone have any first-hand experience with it (besides CR)?

  8. adamondi says:

    I get suspicious when a company is THAT quick to offer a replacement with no questions asked. It makes me question the quality of the product in the first place. Perhaps they have been fielding a lot of requests for replacements, and this is now S.O.P.?

    My wife and I have been doubtful of the automatic show cleaner ever since we saw the first ad for it.

  9. homerjay says:

    So by that logic, they’re dammed if they do and dammed if they dont.
    Why even try, then?

  10. missdona says:

    I’ve used it since it first came out. You’ll still need to scrub-down the shower. But this keeps the elbow work down to a minimum.

    It’s the lazy person’s equivalent to using Clean Shower or one of those manual-type shower sprays.

    The thing is, I can never remember to do manual type sprays, but with that thing looming overhead I remember on my way out of the tub to press the button.

  11. “My wife and I have been doubtful of the automatic show cleaner ever since we saw the first ad for it.”

    Consumer Reports reviews it this month, and isn’t nuts about it. But still props to SC Johnson for the good customer service!

  12. missdona says:

    I found that I had to use it consistently for a couple of weeks before I saw any sort of noticeable difference. How long was the Consumers Reports test?

  13. jwissick says:

    I have one and it’s useless for a bath tub size shower. It needs to spray from a higher location than the bottom of the unit which hangs half way down the shower stall. It does not reach the other side of the shower when hung low. I threw mine out. Granted it left a nice scent, but it did nothing to keep it clean.

  14. Homerjay,

    To keep my shower curtain clean, I just use the regular scrubbing bubbles, after each shower.

    You have to be careful to remember that you sprayed it though, because it will collect/dry on the shower floor, and could cause a slipping accident if you aren’t watching.

  15. Kornkob says:

    CRs test was 2 or 3 weeks (the magazine is at home) at 12 live locations (actual people’s homes) who used it daily per the instructions and took picutres of their shower every day.

  16. homerjay says:

    Thanks Simone. :) I’ll give it a try.

    I’ve always sprayed it with bleach every week or so but the smell can’t possibly be good for you.

  17. comedian says:

    The wife and I have one in our tiled shower & we think the device works wonderfully. So wonderfully that we’re debating using it just every other day since the white tiles are so shiny clean we’re not sure that it needs to be run once a day.

    This cleaning fluid, to me anyway, seems to be far more effective than any shower spary I used in the past.

    I think the key to our great results may be that our shower stall is only about half the size of a standard tub so the far side gets good coverage.

    It also does a good job on the glass shower door, which used to be prone to hard water stains, even when squeegeed off after every use.

  18. Has anyone considered that the reason they were so quic ko get one out was because they make much more money selling you replacement cartridges for this thing?

    The quicker you get it, the quicker you’ll need replacement soap. If they refused, they are losing all the future refills you’d buy as well, so it is def. in thier best interest to get it done quickly.

  19. econobiker says:

    As per Dr. Paul’s comment above, this product is in the classic razor blade marketing strategy: give away the holder but charge for the refill thereby ensuring a continuing revenue stream versus one time purchase.

  20. “How long was the Consumers Reports test?”

    I thought it was a month, although someone upthread said 2-3 weeks. :)

    Either way, I own plenty of things Consumer Reports isn’t crazy about that work for me. I didn’t mean to impugn your purchasing choices!

  21. FLConsumer says:

    Add me to the list of people who think Consumer Reports’ ratings are crap. I’ve seen them consistently rate two of the exact same appliances differently in a review. I’m thinking of where it’s made by one co & sold under multiple names/model #’s, but is the exact same product. Is there really THAT much variation in the product quality (doubtful), or are CR’s tests & testers not consistent?

  22. Ishmael says:

    The testers in CR didn’t follow the instructions. The directions on this thing specifically state to clean your shower before you start using the product. According to the article, only 1 tester bothered. I cleaned my shower well before using the Shower Cleaner, and I haven’t had to clean it since.

    My shower is just a stall, not a full tub. I actually ended up buying a tension shower rod and haning it on one side of the shower and hanging the Cleaner on that. I didn’t want to lose the shower caddy we have haning on the shower head. Plus, now the cleaner can spray further up the wall.

  23. AcidReign says:

    …..Do you have a Southern-mildew infested shower, which is replentished with blue-collar grease and dirt each day? Don’t expect this unit to do it for you. I like that it replaces the rotting corpse smell in the drain, but it will do nothing towards the brown/black build-up on your tiles. We used the initial kit and two refill bottles on the promise that it would do it for us, but no dice.

    …..A jug of Greased Lightning, blended with a sprinkling of Comet, and some serious elbow-grease with a Scotch-brite is what’s needed to have clean shower walls. Weekly.