Girlfriend Decides To Not Shop At Humiliating Liquor Store

Keith’s girlfriend took inspiration from our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. She will turn the other cheek, pass on a confrontation with the store manager, and simply take her business elsewhere.

Keith says that after hearing our call with Shannon, his girlfriend feels, “that speaking with Shannon would probably involve defending things the Consumerist said and possibly even the Consumerist itself in addition to just describing what happened. She has me and Ben to thank for that, but she ain’t mad at us. She’s not big on confrontation, and I don’t think she sees the value in following up after everything that’s happened.”

Lucky for Shannon, a constant influx of fake-id wielding university students will take the disgruntled girlfriend’s place.

And lucky for Keith’s girlfriend, Boston is a wet city.

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  1. bambino says:

    Too bad. Rolling over like a puppy never achieves anything.

  2. RandomHookup says:

    I will be more than happy to ply Keith’s girlfriend with beer whenever she is thirsty.

  3. mikelite says:

    you know what Bambino, it’s not what I’d have done either, but it’s Keith’s Girlfriend’s decision and whatever she’s comfortable with. I’m sure Ben & C’ist have enough readers in Boston to get the point across.

  4. dragonsharp says:

    Hmm. By not facing this issue head-on (I’m thinking about the contacting the manager option), Keith’s girlfriend is becoming part of the problem, and allowing complete assholes like that clerk to get away with outrageous behavior just encourages him, and others like him, to continue.

  5. surgesilk says:

    Oh no! They said a particular beer doesn’t exist and made you cry about it? Maybe your threshold for crying needs to be adjusted just a tad higher or we’ll have to send flowers when your milk goes bad a day early.

  6. bambino says:

    Yeah, true. I just hate to see innocent people tormented without retribution. Guess I read the old testament one too many times.

  7. i’m with bambino. our collective over-the-top fear of confrontation is regrettable. esp if she felt victimized/bullied, standing up for one’s self is the right thing to do.

  8. Magicube says:

    There might have been more appropriate “retribution” on the girlfriend’s part if Ben & Co. didn’t blow this up into such a huge thing. Read what she has to say – she doesn’t want to have to defend stuff that had nothing to do with her experience at the store. Who can blame her?

    So the store employee was a prick. He should be reprimanded. But fired? “Skull-fucked?” How old are you guys again?

    At some point will decide whether they’re fun, obnoxious assholes who make random adolescent comments and amuse us with tales of various consumer slights, or if they’ll actually become effective consumer advocates. As the latter, they’ll pick their battles a little more wisely and not have to have their asses handed to them by rightly-perturbed store managers. As the former, they’ll fade away along with Von Dutch trucker caps.

  9. Kornkob says:

    M-Cube, I’ve been trying to work out how to say that very thing since I read this post this morning.

  10. jpcooper43 says:

    Since you guys have been receiving so much attention (and getting results from big companies) I think you’re really doing yourself a disservice by posting this kind of stuff.

    If some old lady comes to look for help from a referral by the readers digest article and reads your prank calls you only lose credibility with the people and companies who youre trying to effect.

    You’ve exhibited this juvenile behaviour before (the infamous threadless posts)you’d think you’d have leared the difference between empowerment and entitlement by now.

  11. Computerist says:

    While no one likes to be treated like crap, this is one small liquor store. As many people have pointed out, this guy is just an asshole in a dead-end job, so no surprise he’s a douche. The Geraldo-esque phone tactics just make this experience that much more depressing to hear about. I think Consumerist would be better spending their efforts working at stuff that affects more people.

    Essentially what Magicube said, but this has been bugging me.

  12. bambino says:

    if i wanted consumer reports, i’d pick up a subscription.

  13. Seems to me that Shannon and her employee were the “obnoxious assholes” in this story, and thanks to the Consumerist shedding light on the management and employee behavior at that establishment, the liquor store will be going the way of Von Dutch caps.

    Personally, I find this story both fun and a good example of consumer advocacy. The Consumerist still has that new car scent so we can hardly knock Ben for any lack of journalistic professionalism. And even without having “done his homework,” the phonecall alone is priceless.

    However, similarily, if it was a major news network that had called, and not Ben Popken the “only a blogger (that says it all right there),” the reaction probably would have been different. Shannon was obviously afraid and her hostility, feigned legal vocabulary and constant belligerant interuptions only betray the idea that she knows that she was in the wrong.

    Why would Shannon be so defensive if she doesn’t have anything to defend? Why would she so veraciously discount The Consumerist, and then try to give journalism lessons to Ben?

    Sounds to me that even if the story didn’t go as heard 3rd hand, I’ve heard enough to never set foot in a Wine Press…