Banning Liquids Increased Lost Suitcase Claims

New government statistics released today show a 25% increase in passengers reporting lost luggage during August.

Analysts blamed the spike on rises in checked baggage in the face of tightened security, as well as industry-wide staffing cuts.

Guess civil liberties weren’t the only collateral damage in the crusade against liquids.

(Thanks to Matt!)


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  1. Savage says:

    I was waiting for this. It comes as no surprise.

  2. InsaneNewman says:

    Just wait ’till they’re able to figure out a way to outsource baggage screening to India…

  3. FLConsumer says:

    Honestly, I’d trust Indian outsourced workers to handle my bags before I’d trust the American ramp rats to do it.

  4. thatabbygirl says:

    I observed this in action – I flew to Europe over Labor Day weekend for a friend’s wedding. (Yes, fancy.) Between the flights there and the flights back, fully HALF of the travellers (about 28 in total) had their luggage lost, often taking days for the airlines to track it down. We were all flying different carriers, so it was a general phenomenon, not one sucky airline.

    This led to a frantic bride trying to explain to the airline that yes, she did need the wedding dress before the actual wedding. Thankfully it arrived – but just 45 minutes before the ceremony started.

  5. scorpia says:

    I travelled to Afghanistan for the month of August, so was out of contact with the world until my flight back top London on 28th August. On arrival in Islamabad I was informed that I could only bring my handbag on board and guess what? My suitcase with all my precious Afghan souvenirs, carpets, cameras and records of my once in a lifetime trip disappeared between London and Dublin. The compensation offered doesn’t even go halfway to covering my losses. I am heartbroken. Any ideas? Any new regulations concerning compensation?