Maybe Worse Than WaMu Snookery

After showing “WaMu Snookers With Scary Letter” to consumer expert Edgar Dworsky, he told us something potentially more frightening than just the letter being a well-disguised solicitation.

The account could be real.

Dworsky says, “There is something really wrong with that mailing because it looks like a regular credit card bill from WaMu, with one of those convenience checks attached (which people get all the time). This does NOT appear to be what the consumer claims, but some other mixup in mailing rather than a solicitation done in a new way.”

To be on the safe side, we advise the Woods to call up WaMu and find out if they have an account they didn’t know about. It could be a mailing problem… or the first sign of identity theft.

Then again, KT did say her husband suffered from dyslexia.