Get Pro Consumer Complaint Mediation

Your beef with a company weighs upon your soul like a warehouse of pain. You ken for help, something more than snarky remarks and dubious advice given by ourselves and fellow commenters.

Avail yourself then of the free services offered by Call For Action, Inc. They’re an non-prof network of volunteer professions hotlines trained to help consumers out with their problems with businesses. They provide both mediation and education.

Find a local office here. If you can’t see one in your area, call the national hotline listed at bottom.

Anyone ever use these guys? How did it work out?


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  1. Itch says:

    I’ve not used a service like this, but I’d even be willing to pay someone to be the BullDog if need be, if it was important enough.

    Along the same lines as Call For Action, is there a service that will follow/drive rebates?

  2. Ishmael says:

    Is this the ‘opportunity’ that the Edelman PR flak guy accused you of not taking?

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Ha, hardly. This is true, independent, third party mediation.

  4. AcilletaM says:

    Is the angel hanging itself a statement about public mediation?

  5. Ben Popken says:

    Duh, that’s an avenging angel.