Consumerist Ask Metafilter Round-Up

• My son has an apartment in San Francisco. He works in Marin and uses our(his parents) address for stuff. He also spends time at our house.Is it ok for him to use our address for his car insurance or must he use his rented address(which would also cost more)? [Link]

• Our landlords didn’t give us the full security deposit and now that the hearing date is approaching, they offered to finally pay it to us in full. Should we or shouldn’t we accept their offer? [Link]

• Me and mine are moving in together. How do 2 single wage earners merge their $$ incomes and outflows in a way that keeps it simple for bookkeeping and tax returns? [Link]

• I just recently purchased some SK-II cosmetics for my mom for her birthday but recent stories in Chinese newspapers indicate that the products may contain traces of chromium and neodymium which are known to cause cancer. Is this just fear-mongering by a competitor brand with backing by the Chinese government or should I be bringing the product back to where I bought it and asking for a refund? [Link]

• What should I do about these automated billing calls to my cell phone? [Link]

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