Update: Cingular Prez Calls Beckie About EON

Late last week, we sent Beckie an email, seeing if she’d gotten anywhere with Cingular and their crazy Team EON. As it turned out, she has.

Hey. Guess what? Less than a day after our post detailing Beckie’s abrupt cancellation for roaming too much, the President of Cingular tried to call her. Can anyone say ‘Damage Control’? This is the same President who actually instituted the EON policy, as we discovered on Friday. Unfortunately, Beckie wasn’t around, but she’s skeptical she’d be swayed back to Cingular no matter what he says: “I don’t really want their service back, but I do want others to know how this company had dubbed me.”

This is a growing trend Ben and I are becoming aware of: many times when we post reader emails complaining about big companies, these companies are quickly writing us, trying to get in contact with the aggrieved party. Last week, Coinstar gave one of our readers her $2.74 back and a PR flackey at T-Mobile contacted us, looking for David. So take heart, guys. You’re not just preaching to the choir.

Beckie’s email to us, in which she calls for a class-action lawsuit, after the jump.

I have seen the site and am very excited. I feel a little better now. I have also sent a letter to the editor of our local newspaper, The Cullman Times.

On Thursday, 9/21/06, Teresa in the Office of the President at Cingular, left a message on my answering machine for me to call them. However, by the time I returned home from work, they were gone home also. The person who answered the phone tryed very hard to locate her, but could not. I told him they could call back if they wished to talk to me. I have heard nothing else as of yet. I have also filled out a survey for a class action suit against them, that I also hope will be productive. I don’t really want
their service back, but I do want others to know how this company had dubbed me. I called one friend of mine, who is a lawyer and learned a woman who works his office had the same thing happen to her, also a couple of other people I know.

Let me know if I can offer anything more.

Our phone also read Cingular on them until the last few weeks of service, they would read Off Network. I didn’t thing a lot about it because I had the no roaming plan anyway. Then when I started calling Cingular to complain they put me through to the Off Network Department Yes they have a special department with special people to talk to. But they all said, the months they had pulled to look at was all they could do, the decision had already been made.

It still makes me mad! You have my permission to contact Cingular. I am also going to contact our public service commission and anyone else I can think of.

Beckie in Alabama