Update: Cingular Prez Calls Beckie About EON

Late last week, we sent Beckie an email, seeing if she’d gotten anywhere with Cingular and their crazy Team EON. As it turned out, she has.

Hey. Guess what? Less than a day after our post detailing Beckie’s abrupt cancellation for roaming too much, the President of Cingular tried to call her. Can anyone say ‘Damage Control’? This is the same President who actually instituted the EON policy, as we discovered on Friday. Unfortunately, Beckie wasn’t around, but she’s skeptical she’d be swayed back to Cingular no matter what he says: “I don’t really want their service back, but I do want others to know how this company had dubbed me.”

This is a growing trend Ben and I are becoming aware of: many times when we post reader emails complaining about big companies, these companies are quickly writing us, trying to get in contact with the aggrieved party. Last week, Coinstar gave one of our readers her $2.74 back and a PR flackey at T-Mobile contacted us, looking for David. So take heart, guys. You’re not just preaching to the choir.

Beckie’s email to us, in which she calls for a class-action lawsuit, after the jump.

I have seen the site and am very excited. I feel a little better now. I have also sent a letter to the editor of our local newspaper, The Cullman Times.

On Thursday, 9/21/06, Teresa in the Office of the President at Cingular, left a message on my answering machine for me to call them. However, by the time I returned home from work, they were gone home also. The person who answered the phone tryed very hard to locate her, but could not. I told him they could call back if they wished to talk to me. I have heard nothing else as of yet. I have also filled out a survey for a class action suit against them, that I also hope will be productive. I don’t really want
their service back, but I do want others to know how this company had dubbed me. I called one friend of mine, who is a lawyer and learned a woman who works his office had the same thing happen to her, also a couple of other people I know.

Let me know if I can offer anything more.

Our phone also read Cingular on them until the last few weeks of service, they would read Off Network. I didn’t thing a lot about it because I had the no roaming plan anyway. Then when I started calling Cingular to complain they put me through to the Off Network Department Yes they have a special department with special people to talk to. But they all said, the months they had pulled to look at was all they could do, the decision had already been made.

It still makes me mad! You have my permission to contact Cingular. I am also going to contact our public service commission and anyone else I can think of.

Beckie in Alabama


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  1. MyOpinion says:

    Becky needs to get over it. Things change in life and the cellphone industry is changing at lightning speed. When she signed up for the Cingular service it might have been the best option. Things changed. Ultimately she was roaming almost exclusively on other providers networks. The oh-so -friendly roaming agreements between providers that once existed in a very fractured industry have gone away. Her gabbing now costs her provider more money in fees paid to the roaming networks than she was paying for her service. Way more. Like it or not, her contract states that if her roaming percentage exceeds a certain amount, she can have her contract and service canceled. All the providers have this clause. It is an insurance policy against just such a possible situation as this. From what I have heard, the policy also includes Cingular’s stated willingness to unlock any affected phones so the customer can easily switch to another provider.

  2. kerry says:

    If you read Becky’s original letter, you’ll see that she didn’t sign up for Cingular. She signed up for SunCom, who were bought by AT&T, who were then absorbed by Cingular. She was grandfathered into that company, she didn’t choose it.

  3. yumyum says:

    Duped, not dubbed, right?

  4. MyOpinion says:

    You are correct. However that fact also reinforces my underlying theme. The cellular world is a changin’ and sometimes change can seem unfair and be hard to deal with. I guess now she has been grandfathered “out” of the company:) Just give it a few months and we won’t even have Cingular to complain about anymore. It will all be at&t.

  5. orielbean says:

    Remember that a contract is not the law. You always have a right to contest those portions. Just b/c it was in the contract doesn’t mean that it is a reasonable expectation for you, even if you agreed to it when you got the phone / plan. If you get angry enough and have the opportunity to bring a suit, you certainly can get what you want.

    Of course, it doesn’t change the predatory nature of such legal wording or company policy, so in real world terms, it sucks. But this public airing of these fees or terms are what will change their mind. This bad pr is equal in cost what a small claims suit would be, and so is just as effective – as we can see here with the prez giving her a call.

  6. Anonymously says:

    I don’t know, MO, that sounds like a TERRBILE way to do business. “Welcome to Cingular. We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to provide you service tomorrow, but you’d better sign the two year contract”

  7. Elaine Chow says:

    Gasp! Conspiracy theory:

    Now that representatives of big companies are reading this blog, could it be that they are also commenting on them and trying to discredit the consumers that bring complaints?

    Dun DUN DUUUN!

  8. Meg Marco says:

    You make an excellent point.

  9. oktex says:

    another off networking cingular client. Yes have been given notice, as of Jan. the 9th they will shut me off.I am mad i have been with this company for a long time so i guess loyalties mean nothing to them. My husband was off on a job for 3 months and i was in roam 51% of the time. They never looked back to see if this has happened all through the other months that i paid my bill.They never called me to tell this was going on and it does not show you are in roam on you phone. They could have had the common curtisty to call and see if there was something we could do to fix the problem not just say it is over nothing we can do.We will be in an place in 2 weeks that will be cingular areas. I have contacted the tv stations in our area (tulsa Okla) and intend to contact all newspapers. Then i will send letter to the congress, senator, and anyone else that will listen. They should have to put warning if you are in roam you will be cancelled just like the have to put lables on cig. thats a thought lets lobby the white house and see what kind of laws we can change. Anyone up for that? They should have to pay me back for all the months i have been with them, pay me a termanation fee, pay any fees to another cell phone company, plus pay me for my rollover minutes in which there are over 4000 of. Any ideas from anyone?

  10. Beckie says:

    The office of the president had contacted me twice now, since this blog, and my writing to the BBB, FTC, FCC and the Attorney General. Guess what they said? It’s their right. The last time I spoke with Oscar, explained that I had to buy new phones and would like to be reimbursed. He said they could not do that since my phones were unlocked. I explained the phones were not unlocked until months after I had puchased the new phones. I was just curious if they would unlock them and they did, I tried mine, but it didn’t work good with my new service. Anyway, after I spoke with Oscar I called back and asked for the president, who was in a meeting of course. I left a message for him to return my call 2 weeks ago, I’m still waiting.
    Cingular sucks
    Their Service sucks
    Their Customer Service sucks