Morning Deals Round-Up

• I hate waking up in the morning and discovering that the morning Woot! is some mysterious devices the purpose of which completely eludes me, a Lud. It’s a Jensen 300 Watt 2 Outlet Power Inverter for $19.99. Actually bothering to read the Woot! text, it becomes clear that this device is meant to be plugged into the lighter port in your car, thus allowing you to use your Eazy-Bake oven to make cupcakes on the go.

• I don’t know much about wine, but I like what gets me drunk: this week’s Wine.Woot! is the Cathedral Ridge 2005 Oregon Pinot Noir Trio for $54.99. 25% off retail.

• Want some pens? How about 72 of them, all at once? And how funny would that lead-in have been if I’d typoed ‘pens’? Go over to Spoofee and see how you can get 72 pens from Office Depot for $3.74.

Highlights from Dealhack

Philips 23PF5320 23-inch LCD HDTV Monitor $550 at Circuit City

Canon SD630 Digital Camera & 1GB $289 Shipped at Newegg

Refurb Sony Playstation Portable Value Pack $159 at