Jiffy Lube Scamming Customers Nationwide

Surprise! Jiffy Lube scamming customers for cars that have never been repaired isn’t just isolated to the L.A. area. It’s happening nationwide.

One woman in Charlotte, North Carolina delivered her car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change, only to forget to hand them the keys. 40 minutes later, they told her her oil change was done.

Another woman from Calamuth Falls, Oregon had her transmission fluid changed by Jiffy Lube. A few months later, another mechanic noted her transmission fluid was black, and told her it had never actually been changed.

The report goes on to show that Jiffy Lube employees nationwide are pushed to do a minimum of $60 worth of repairs a car, or lose their job. Air filters, fuel filters and tire rotations are the things Jiffy Lube likes to charge for the most, then never actually bother doing.

According to Louis Scaffoni, president of Jiffy Lube, they’re taking measures to prevent fraud, like an independent team of auditors and mystery shoppers. Hey! When we finally get that “Mystery Shopper” t-shirt printed, it might very well be the only way for you to guarantee yourself a fair shake at Jiffy Lube.

Debriefing: Jiffy Lube Investigation Video [NBC]

Debriefing: Jiffy Lube Investigation Text [NBC] (Thanks, Ben!)