Comcast Sending Out Mystery iPods?

Brian W. is befuddled. He got a strange gift from Comcast in the mail the other day. For a change, it wasn’t a picture of a naked Comcast tech, flabbily draped across a faux tiger skin rug, holding a heart-shaped box of candies before his genitals.

    Yesterday, I was sent a package from a Comcast shipping center in Dallas. The only thing inside the envelope was an Apple iPod Shuffle. No note, or anything. Just an iPod shuffle.

    Have you heard of anything going on that may have inspired this rare form of Comcast generosity?

No, we haven’t. And neither has Google, as far as we can tell. Does anyone have any ideas? Anyone else gotten one from Comcast? Let us know. It does seem to be a suspicious act of random generosity from an otherwise contemptible company.


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  1. RandomHookup says:

    Undoubtedly it is the work of terrorists. Take great care and ship the suspicious item to me where my crack team of counterterrorism specialists will do the needful and render it safe for ordinary Americans.

  2. Brianron says:

    “Will do the needful?”


  3. RandomHookup says:
  4. ‘Dank you. Come again’.

  5. Ben says:

    Next, will be an envelope from Comcast containing nothing but a past due invoice for an Ipod.

  6. magic8ball says:

    Was there anything preloaded on the shuffle?

  7. mschlock says:

    Your buds at Gizmodo say Comcast might be prepping a music and video store, so maybe they are seeding their subscribers with random iPods?

  8. mmarcy says:

    I got one also. I called Comcast and they were oblivious (shocking, I know). It wasn’t preloaded – it was wrapped in original packaging, apparently unopened. We joked that it would be proceeded by an invoice for an iPod shuffle. Nothing so far and I’ve had it for over a month now.

  9. bridget says:

    I had the same thing happen and when I called Comcast they were just as surprised as I.