UPDATE: Hey, Comcast! Where’s The Hockey?

Friday, we reported that Comcast — despite advertisements to the contrary — had no ability to supply you with the blade gougings and skate-sliced fingers of that sport of men, National Hockey.

We were apparently mistaken. There is a way to order the NHL Center Ice package from Comcast: brute force.

    What you have to do is simple: Call, and keep calling until you find somebody to sign you up for the package. They offer it all right, they just haven’t bothered to educate their own customer service personnel in order for them to sell it.

    Annoying? Yes. But if you’ve chosen Comcast as your cable provider, you really don’t have a choice now do you?

Indeed. Of course, maybe you should boycott Comcast-provided hockey anyway.

    During the lockout, Comcast automatically charged all NHL Center Ice subscribers to renew their packages (something I’m sure every other NHL PPV partner did as well), even though both they and the league knew damn well that there was going to be a lockout.

    How in the world you justify charging for a product you don’t intend to provide is beyond me. But somehow, Comcast and the NHL managed to go ahead and do it anyway.

But that money is just going to subsidize some nice cuddling sessions with horny Comcast techs, which is a nice service for lonely shut-ins. So we’re calling it even.

Same Old Comcast with NHL Center Ice [Off Wing Opinion]