Don’t Get Bilked By IDT Energy

We’ve been getting a slew of complaints recently about consumers bilked by IDT Energy into signing up for vastly inflated new electricity contracts. Worse yet, IDT will often claim to be agents of your real energy provider.

Reader Mike wrote us in with some excellent advice on what to do when any so called representative comes a-knockin’, claiming to be from your electricity company.

    Ask for an ID with Picture. Never let anyone cover the ID. Ask them and Fight to see an ID. NEVER TRUST ANY REPRESENTATIVE! IDT Energy Representatives are supposed to have 2 ID’s. One with the Picture and another sayin “We Are NOT the Utility company, We’re from IDT Energy, a supply company” If The rep says he/she is from conEdison or other utility company, Ask for the ID. Otherwise, do NOT let them in, OR…. Just call the Police or any force.

Or, more hilariously, grab them by their lapels and propel them down a flight of steps with a coccyx-shattering kick to the buttocks.

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