Monday Morning Reader Round-Up

While the steaming chunks of what was once Ben’s body now clog the toilet of a Bronx men’s room stall, it’s still business as usual here at The Consumerist.

We’re still going after corporate crooks; we still need your tips to do it. But with Ben gone for the week, we need them now more than ever. Meg and Mark are still cutting their teeth on writing for the site, and a deluge of tips would help them quickly acclimate themselves with the swagger, the snark, the bluster and the cold, hard, unforgiving stare required of a Consumerist editor.

So if you’ve got a complaint that you’ve been holding off sending to us, this is a great week to do it. Do you know a company that really deserves to have its excellence highlighted here? Send them in. Seen a story you think your fellow readers just need to see? We’re listening.

Last week’s reader submitted stories, after the jump.

The Fire Was The Easy Part
Guilt Starbucks Into Giving You Free Coffee
Hey Comcast! Where’s The Hockey?
Widows Pays AT&T $14,000 for Rotary Rental
DefendMyStreet Owner’s Bad Business History
Getting Misty, Old Sears ActionFigure Wishbooks
No More Drug Company Pens For Stanford Doctors
Scammed Youth Cry For Consumerist’s Aid
Colorado Pedophile Paranoia Site Probed
State Farm: Love The Smart, Make Them Stupid
Whose Warranty Is Best?
Wachovia Apologizes For Locking Old Man In Bank
Update: State Farm Isn’t All There
DefendMyStreet Investigated
Out Damned Spot! Help A Reader Clean His Citibank Credit
Starbucks Baristas Outraged That Customers Have Wised Up
More Lies Verizon Told Us
Old Man Locked Inside Callous Philly Wachovia
Con Ed: Now With Twice The Bill!
How To Join The Mile High Without K-Y?
UPDATE: Target Targets Handicapped, We Target Them
We (Maybe) Called Fran
State Farm Isn’t All There
Target Don’t Like Talkin’ ‘Bout Fran
Helmann’s Spreads It Thin

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