Morning Deals Round-Up

• Wow. Great Woot! today. It’s the RCA Lyra 20gb Mp3 Video Jukebox for $129.99. It’s actually a pretty swank looking MP3 player, which also has support for playing widescreen movies. Also, unlike most MP3 players, the design and UI are fairly attractive.

• Our Friday reminder on this week
‘s Wine.Woot!: the Jepson Windery Mendocino Mix. One bottle Jepson 2005 Screaming Ros

, one Jepson 2003 Estate Bottled Syrah, one Jepson 2005 Summertime White and one bottle Jepson 2003 Estate Red… all for $35.99.

• What if Superman still lived in Kansas and was gay? Find out with the first four seasons of Smallville for $134.99, which is 100 bucks less than retail o

Highlights from Dealhack

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HP Photosmart R717 6.2MP Digital Camera $150 Shipped at Circuit City

Save $200 or $300 off Inspiron Notebook PCs at Dell Home


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  1. Jon Parker says:

    I’m ashamed to admit this, but I own the first four seasons of Smallville, which I picked up at Target for $24.99 apiece. This really isn’t a great deal.

  2. Antediluvian says:

    I’d watch Smallville if Clark were gay, questioning, or interesting. I concluded after the first couple of episodes it was trying to be the Buffy replacement for the network. They kept having the “monster of the week” — some sap affected by kryptonite — and Clark would magically save the town/school/farm/girl/etc. The hubby still likes it, though.

    I do think the show was interesting enough to last a while, but they did the MotW thing for too long and frankly, there’s only so much damn brooding teenage angst I can handle.

    Just have a hot makeout session between Lex and Clark and end it on that.

  3. i’m ashamed of nothing, i just picked up season 5 on tuesday. so there.