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  1. Wow? Horrors!

    Imagine the shock in Virginia elementary schools when they realize that the state flag has an open breasted female on it– oh wait, that’s the LAST place kids are going to look.

  2. Simulacrum says:

    Although I think the principal’s energy is commendable, the school — and society in general — would be better served if he’d spend more time actually running his school than focusing on an issue like this. Perhaps we could find worth in his efforst if he’d get all up in arms and expend the same energy addressing school violence, the numerous kids on the fringe of apptitude (low/high IQ, gifted, etc.) who fall between the education gaps, kids who can’t afford their school lunches, or perhaps lobby for changes in the way school performance is measured. That’s be worth all the hoopla.

    Meanwhile, I think everyone, particularly the principal, is missing a golden educational opportunity for young, impressionable minds. I think it’d be a facinating experiment in critical thinking (Gasp! Teaching critical thinking to such young children?!) to allow the teachers and children to be “exposed” to the old logo and draw comparisons with the new. What changed? Why? What forces are at work in the debate? Even go so far as to engage in a discussion about how to appropriately understand and dissect the rhetoric. Heaven forbid they have to engage in a meaningful discussion about censorship, advertising, political pressures, etc.

  3. mark duffy says:

    the logo should be jane with a strap-on fucking an independent coffee shop owner in the ass.

  4. acceptablerisk says:

    Seriously, this kind of thing wouldn’t be a big deal if people stopped making such a huge freakin’ deal out of it.

  5. ArmitageShanks says:

    Well I wonder what the principal would have thought about the Starbucks mermaid used from 1987 to 1992. It showed more of the mermaid’s body, including an oddly placed navel, that many mistook for something more erotic.

  6. Dr. Eirik says:

    I’ve heard about this on local radio. The principal in question didn’t apparently make a big stink over it. He just asked that the teachers (in an elementary school) just use a coffee sleave to avoid any questions from the kids. It wasn’t an order as far as I’ve heard, and had apparently been blown way out of proportion.

    Personally, I’m more offended by the quality of the artwork. Who drew that? As aspiring Seattle street artist after fifteen venti mochas?

  7. Pelagius says:

    Kent, WA, is a hole.

  8. TedSez says:

    Of course, kids never, ever find out on their own that you can become a junior-level pornograper by drawing two half-circles with dots in the middle.

  9. TedSez says:

    Yes, I meant pornographer. It wasn’t on the spelling test.

  10. Amy Alkon000 says:

    You know, there are exposed titties everywhere in France — in huge photo ads in the subway, for example — and it doesn’t seem to turn their society on its ear or anything. Perhaps it isn’t the titties but the prudes who fear the titties who are the problem.

    And thanks, markduffy – not often I laugh out loud at blog comments.

  11. Anonymous says:

    She also used to have a belly button but they removed that to because of complaints.