What’s The Rates?

Many banks have updated their interest rates recently. Where’s the hotspots to parkk your checking and savings?

RED: No Web Connect or Direct Connect functionality
YELLOW: Web Connect (download) only
BLUE: Web Connect but incompatible with Quicken 2005 and later
GREEN: Direct Connect available

Table courtesy of Consumerism Commentary.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    What exactly is the difference between AER and APY? I’ve tried Googling them, but can only find seperate definitions of each of them, not a comparison — and the seperate definitions both seem to be exactly the same, vis: the true annual rate of interest taking into account how often the interest is compounded (quartely, monthly, etc.).

    However, they give different amounts. For example, ING direct has a net rate of 3.72%, compounded monthly, which gives a gross rate of 4.65% and an AER (with compounding) of 4.75% — and yet you list the APY as 4.4%. Anyone want to shed any light on the difference?

    Many thanks,

  2. ghettoimp says:

    Wells Fargo also has a “Featured CD Rates”, at least in TX and presumably for other states as well. The term and rate change frequently but usually the APY is around 5 to 5.2ish. (You need $5000 to open, typically)

    But, be sure to print it out when you sign up. We’ve gotten two so far, and had no trouble with the first, but the documentation they sent us for the second one only gave us a rate of 4.05% instead of 5.2%, and after an hour on the phone so far we haven’t yet gotten it fixed and have been told we need to go into a branch. They seemed to at least admit it was their fault, though, so hopefully it won’t be too much more BS.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You left out my bank, Zionsbank, who’s paying 5.13% on their Internet Money Market Account. Been with them about four years now, high interest rates the whole time. Unlike ING (which I also use), they offer checking, so you can quickly sweep money back and forth for interest or liquidity.

    You know what would really be awesome is if you can find a replacement for my Citi Dividend Platinum card, which is cutting back its 5% back on gas and groceries to 2%. I make more money off that than I do from my savings account.

  4. rod7379 says:

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