Starbucks Sued Over Cancelled Free Coffee Coupon

AP: “Starbucks Corp. was sued for $114 million Friday over its recall last week of a coupon that entitled the holder to a free large iced drink being promoted by the giant Seattle coffee retailer.

Peter Sullivan, the lawyer who sued on behalf of a 23-year-old Starbucks regular who felt “betrayed” when her coupon was not honored, accused the company of fraud and said he will request class-action status to include the “thousands who were misled” by the offer.

Starbucks just doesn’t get The Internet. It’s not a truck you can just dump a bunch of a coffee on. It’s a series of percolators.

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  1. Pelagius says:

    Skeezy ambulance chaser vs. soul-destroying behemoth of a franchise. Who should I hate more?

  2. KevinQ says:

    Pelagius, as a law student, I say, hate the lawyer more. The large corporation is just doing what large corporations have to do. The lawyer, however, has a choice about being ambulance-chasing scum.


  3. madderhatter says:

    Good GOD people ! Suing over a coupon for a free drink ? Are you sure you don’t want to include Hellmanns on this one as well ?

  4. srah says:

    Excellent analogy. Now I understand the Internets so much more.

  5. Triteon says:

    At $4 each (guessing) and 8300+ locations that’s 3 free drinks per location, which seems light. We may be lucky the ambulance chaser isn’t suing for billions!

  6. gte910h says:

    Class actions work so WELL because of the “ambulance chaser” mechanic.

    You get to punish (at least remove the financial gain they got of all the people coming in for a free iced coffee, being denied, then paying for it anyhow) starbucks for being idiots, and other companies will be more careful in the future not to waste a bunch of other people’s time.

  7. I think starbucks should give everyone a chilled mayonnaise drink.

  8. This is what lawyers do when they’re bored. And when they’re assholes.