Monday Morning Reader Round-Up

It’s Monday. Our cup of tips, complaints, recommendations and outrage over the state of our RSS feed — on Thursday overflowething — has run dry.

But, as usual, we still need ’em. Four out of five of last week’s top stories were reader submission. Ben and I remain just the editors of your own consumerist chronicles; we damn well know we’re merely a spoke in the wheel that grinds bad companies underfoot, or lifts good companies high into the sky for your esteem.

Last week, readers exposed AOL’s new call script… just as hard to cancel as ever. They exposed Comcast’s weasely attempts to prevent an out-right cancellation, as well as horny Comcast techs. They complained about Pop-Tarts. They informed us about the properties of grout.

We want to hear from you. Hell, we need to hear from you. Companies shouldn’t treate their customers in aggregate, but there’s no doubt that an aggregate voice of dissatisfaction gets things done.

Last week’s reader stories, after the jump:

UPDATE: CVS Won’t Accept You’re Not Stacy
Comcast Tech: “You Don’t Need Dis Fuggin’ Box”
AOL Finally Does Something Right
OfficeMax Loves Receipts. Hates You.
Go-Tarts Blithely Indifferent To Own Sucking
Parsing AOL Cancel Semantics
EXCLUSIVE: Old AOL Cancel Script vs. New
You, Sir, Are No Grout
Get A Human With Bringo. Maybe.
US Airways Flight 723: UNKNOWN
AOL’s Guide To Just A Super Fun World-Class MRM Call
AirTran Would Rather Me Stinky
Dell Helps You To Uninstall, For A Price
What Is Up With These Horny Comcast Techs?
Crunch Fitness, I Wish I Could Quit You
Adventures In Everyday Consumerism
Big Thumbs Up For Audible